Need Advice for Groups


So I’m the one in charge of planning my Senior class trip and I’m trying to price out Disney. I know most 18 year olds don’t want to go to Disney and I wasn’t originally going to even price it, but I realized where else can you go where the students will be given virtually complete freedom over a 42 acre resort!? And where else would they have transportation to get around the whole place… So Disney’s selling point is the freedom we would have.

So with that said. I need ideas on which resorts would be good for large groups (around 32 people). I have been out of the Disney loop too long, so I don’t know all the details. Right now I have a travel agent checking into POFQ, PC, and those new All Star Family Suites. What about the Villas?

I guess I just would love to hear info on the All Star Family Suites and the Villas. And if any of you have expiriences with large groups at Disney, I’d love to hear about it.

I did think about it, and we would definetly do the MYW w/ Dining Plan. We would all eat together (small school), so thats yet another thing to think about once the class chooses a trip.


I don’t think that age is bad for a group trip at all! I went with a very large group when I was 17 and LOVED it. It was amazing, and there is a TON to do for older “kids”. I met a guy who became a pen pal, then a boyfriend for a short lived time who was there with his senior class.

We stayed at a value resort- 4 to a room for about $80 a night, give or take a bit if you stay during peak times, or slower times. Divided 4 ways, it’s $20 a night per person. At the time, there was only All-Star Music & All-Star Sports, but they’ve since added in All-Star Movies, and Pop Century, all at the same price.

You might even be able to get a discount for being a group. If there are any 17 year olds, they have to stay with at least 1 18 year old, I think. Or at least, that was what it was when we went, if I recall correctly (it’s been 11 years).


As a youth group, I would suggest going through the youth group program. You can do that either by calling Disney directly or a travel agent. As a youth group, you can get discounted rooms and discounted dining vouchers. By far the cheapest way to go for youth groups, and many of the chaperons will be able to travel for free as well.


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Thanks for the feedback!! (especially Mickey)… I have a Travel Agent working on it but if we end up doing Disney then I know I will be ultra picky, and ultra involved in the planning. I mean I am sure that I would be hand picking all the resturaunts and such…

Anyone stayed at the AS Family Suites yet?

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