Need advice for mk plan pls!


Hello all!! I’m doing the single digit dance and I need some advice please!
We normally do two days at MK but, this year b/c of time constraints and the fact that my DD insists on doing Seaworld again, I am forced to settle for only one full day and one afternoon. We have resv for CRT for an hour before the park opens and normally we would use that day to hit Fantasyland attractions first…but…as we have only one morning now, I was wondering if we should go ahead and do the Tomorrowland & Frontierland rides first and save Fantasyland for the afternoon itinerary.
My DD is 10 so, she is more into the ‘thrill’ rides than Fantasyland stuff but, she still enjoys it so, we still have to fit those rides in somewhere.
Sooooo…here are the choices: Tomorrowland/Frontier - am Fantasyland later or Fantasyland am - Tomorrow & the rest later.
Thanks in advance for the help!


If it were me, I think I would head over and do Splash and Thunder Mountain stand by. You will get through those pretty quickly. Then I would head over to Tomorrow Land to do Space Mountain and then do the Fantasy Land rides, using FP’s for the longer wait ones. Everything else should not have a bad wait that you could do stand by and FP as needed.


Ohhhh…good idea!!! I didn’t even think about going to Frontier first…I suppose I just have Space Mountain on the brain! lol!!!

I was thinking that way too though…save Fantasyland for later. It’s just sooo tempting since we will be standing at the rope right at Fantasyland after we eat.
Does anyone have an idea if you can walk back through the front of the castle and wait for rope drop at the cut-through to Tomorrowland?


I do a morning ADR before park openining every single trip. If you do the attracitons in this order, you will get on every single one of them before or just after 1pm with minimal waits. I have been doing this for over 5 years at all different times of the year.

  • winnie the pooh
  • peter pan
  • small world if you must
  • Space mountain if open
  • buzz light year
  • Splash mountain - FP if wait exceeds 30minutes
  • Jungle cruise
  • Pirates
  • ride splash if not before
  • haunted mansion
  • FP any missed attraction for after lunch
  • hit attraction missed after lunch.


Thanks Dana…I’m writing this down. I have been spoiled by being the first one to Space Mountain almost ever trip and riding it sev times before moving on to anything else. Only having one early morning at MK threw a wrench in my long standing tradition!


Just be sure to make it to Fantasyland and TTF. It may be a lot different next time you’re there.


That’s what I do at AK with Expedition Everest…lol We just keep going and going and going…lol


sorry im having brain loss moments what is TTF.


Toon Town Fair I think.