Need advice on itinerary please!


Hello everyone. I am hoping that you can help me with a problem I am having in planning my upcoming WDW trip. I usually plan around the crowd level estimate on touringplans but, this year I am having some issues.
Sunday, 4/25 is showing a crowd level of 8 but, is the only recommended day for DS for the entire week. I am trying to decide if we should go ahead and go to DS on that Sunday or go to SeaWorld that day instead. If we go to SeaWorld then we have to go to DS on Thursday which is also a crowd level of 8 with AK as the recommended park. I know it’s not really that big of a deal but, I have planned according to touringplan estimates every trip and always had good results. What would you do?


Have you traveled without going by the TouringPlans guidelines? I ask only because even on the busiest of days, you can usually work everything in by going to the parks early, leaving during the middle of the day for lunch, then returning in the late afternoon and evening for more fun. Combined with using fast passes as much as you can, plus some plans like trying the popular rides during parades or fireworks shows, etc., you can get everything done.

We have been at WDW on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc… and we have marvelled at how some parks have very light crowds on those days if we go early - we’ve had some crazy deserted holidays at all the parks when they had high cowd ratings. And lately, over the past 5 years or so, I have seen that the big attractions are often crowded but the rest of the park areas have light crowds.

I know TouringPlans can be a nice guideline, but it’s still guesswork and I have seen them be really way off the mark. I think you will be fine if you just go ahead and plan to be at any park on any day. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:


We also go early, leave around lunch (mid-day) then return late afternoon & have always been very pleased. I’ve become a little neurotic about planning out our days, but some of the most fun has been when we’ve veered off the plan & just winged it! Good luck!


I would do the smaller parks on the weekends and the larger ones mid week because the more popular parks will be hit on short weekend trips more than midweek and DS is definitely not a very popular park- I would also plan on the later Fantasmic if you want to see that show- so many went to the early show that the rides were almost empty during the first show but the park closed at the time of the second show so you were not missing anything.


Thanks everyone for the advice. I have ‘always’ used touringplans when going to WDW…I think that’s why I am so neurotic. I feel like if I plan for us to do something different it will cause something disasterous to happen! lol!

We are usually at the gates by 8am (when the parks open at 9) and we follow the plans…get most everything done by very early afternoon and then either go back to our condo or hang around and do some shopping. I suppose when you look at it that way, it really wouldn’t matter about going on a crowd level 8 day.

I think we’ll just stick to going to DS on Sunday and do Seaworld Thursday instead. Thanks again!!


Those crowd level projections have been off before. Go at the rope drop and get in all the headliners…leave at lunch like you normally do and you will see everything you want. Don’t stress it.


I used to look at the guides as to which park to go to when and which to avoid but after a few trips I found myself so tied to those that I found myself not having as much fun and have ditched them and accepted the crowds and long lines and embraced them as part of the total experience. I was the same with my video camera the first few trips with my dk’s but found that I was spending too much time trying to get the perfect video or picture