Need advise on how many days to stay


Hello all! I need some help deciding how many days Madison and I should go to WDW for. Its going to be just us and we plan on staying at POP with hopes for free DDP. So the options are Leave Sept 11th (fri) after work and get to FL around 6ish and have to pay for a night that we are just there to sleep and check out Sept20? My friends said not to fly on Sept 11hmmmm… or Leave Sat Sept 12 early and spend all day swimming and check out on Sept 20? Is it worth it to fly out on a day where you know your not going to be able to do anything?


I would leave on the 11th, and enjoy myself getting there with no rushing around… I am a freak about getting there as soon as possible though.


Oh that is a hard one! I know a lot of people are very superstitious about flying on Sept 11 so you need to decide if you’re uncomfortable with that.

For me, I’d go on the 11th, have a nice dinner outside of the parks (resort hop or DTD) and maybe catch some fireworks or turn in early and hit it hard the next day. At the price of POP, I’d pay it to be there and ready to go the next morning, hopefully rested. Touring all day after an early flight to get there in time to enjoy it can be exhausting. It doesn’t bother me but DH prefers a little slower pace.


I can’t decide. We WERE going to leave Sept 14 to 20th but I don’t see myself sitting around all weekend with nothing to do. That would drive me nuts. Why sit around when I can be in disney :laugh:


I would leave the 11th, that way you have all day on the 12th!


I would travel on the 11th because it is most likely going to be a cheaper day to travel!!


I also say the 11th…you will have more time. The last 3 yrs we have flown on the 11th.


Thanks all! This is ONLY IF disney offers free DDP if not its going to from 14 to 20. Thanks all!


I said go the 12th. Why get there to just sleep go the next day and have that day to enjoy. It has nothing to do with 9/11


I voted the 11th.

This way, you can get up the next morning and explore the parks. You could make a late ADR for that day so you’ll still have something “Disney” to do.

As for flying on the 11th… you do what you have to do. If you don’t have a big problem with it, I think it’ll be fine. And the airports will probably be less crowded.


I accidently hit 9-12 on your poll but I meant to hit 9-11. You gotta admit, if security is ever up, it’s gonna be on the 9-11 anniversary. We are trying to plan a last minute trip in April. We are thinking of flying out after the kids get out of school on a Friday. The only flight time is 7:35 PM so by the time we get to our hotel it’ll be 11:00PM. Seems like a waste of a night, but we figured it’s better than getting there at the next available direct flight of 2:00PM on Saturday and wasting half that day. So for us Friday it is.


Oh that’s very true for your family. Why waste a half day when you don’t have to. If I were you fly out on friday night.


How much would it cost to stay that extra night? Are flights cheaper on Sat vs. Fri? What time would you have to get up Sat. morning for that early flight? Aside from costs, I’d go Fri night. Get there, sleep and be ready to run the next morning. We usually take a morning flight around 6-7 ish, so we get up around 3-4 after getting to bed later than we planned. So our first day at disney usually ends really early.


I voted the 11th, too. Start your fun with a full day! :happy:


Not for nothing but I live the tri-State area and I efuse to fly on 9/11…that’s the only reason I chose 9/12