Need Advise


We will be re-visiting WDW in June and eating at Captain Grill. We have never eaten there. What can anyone suggest for us to order?


Which meal are you asking about? We’ve only gone for breakfast,but we’ve had the buffet and we loved it. Our new favorite.


Catains Grille dinner is what we are asking about. Sorry !


Why not look at their menu Captain’s Grille Dinner Menu - Yacht Club


Thanx so much for providing the menu, it really helped. Now what on the menu do you recomend ?


I wish I could help with that. I hate recommending food. It’s so subjective, isn’t it?
Also, the only meal we have ever had there was the breakfast buffet and it was very good.


Captains Grill is one of our favorite places for a no fuss one point meal. I always get the crab legs even though I probably have eaten 10 pounds the night before over at the Cape May Café. We did have really bad service the last time we were there but I would go back again because my previous visits have all been good.


When ordering the crab legs do you get the usual one pound of legs or how much do you get?


Yes, it is an average size portion but that was one of the issues with our last visit. The legs seemed to take forever and people in our party were served before I got my meal. When they finally brought it out the portion was very small and the legs very scrawny. I mentioned something to the server who summoned the manager. I would say they over compensated me for my troubles as I ended up with a larger portion along with the original order they brought out which was just simply left at the table.