Need an email address


hello all. my dh and i just got back and i need an email address to either walt disney world or old key west management on a few issues that we have never ever had before on any trip. if anyone could help me out with an email address i would really appreciate it. Thank you


Try this… All the pics were not coming up for me… but it still works…

Walt Disney World - Contact Us


This is the card I was giving when I had an issue to report.:smile:


Here is the back of the card.:smile:


You know that we are all dying to know what the “issues” were. Are you going to fill us in or let us die of suspense???


Oh…sorry…it was bus issues…having to wait more than 20 mins…they then offered to have a car bring us to the park we wanted to go to for the rest of our trip.:smile:


thanks i knew i could count on the mousebuzz team!
ok well my family has a dvc membership. Home is at Boardwalk which we love love love by the way. we have never had an issue there and have had wonderful rooms and wonderful cast memebers every time we have gone which is over a dozen times. anyway, this time we could not get our HOME hotel because we didnt book the 11 months ahead (we book 9 month ahead) anyway we go old key west which we have stayed at before and enjoyed.
well we got in around 2 am on thursday and found a handicapped access room (which is fine but i didnt feel right about that since we dont need that) and i need a tub in order to soak my bad back at night and a dirty bathroom on top of it. we ha a tiny tiny tv that did not work and when i went down the next day to inquire for a new room i was told i could not switch since they had no maid to clean that room that we were currently in (one was available but because they could not clean our handicapped access room we couldnt move) that made no sense at all but i said ok and just let it be.
then i went to the store at old key west to buy some water and things and the cast members in the store were yelling at each other and fighting with each other and ignoring the 3 guests in line (this happened not only once but 3 times in that same store) i was quite shocked. the cast memeber that checked us in was great but after that we just didnt get the service we have come to know with WDW


just seems like in some instances the DVC members are pushed aside sometimes , we paid alot of money for points and only go once or twice a year for only a long weekend at a time and i was so dissapointed by this trip that i am seriously thinking of taking a break. i guess i am just frustrated and sad right now so dont think i am ungrateful just frustrated on spending all that money and getting something we were very disappointed with and then to be given strange reasons on why we cant get an issue resolved.


Sent it to DVC as you are a member.

DVC is NOT one of those timeshares in town that you can buy for $1 on resale. We pay top dollar for top quality, and have every right to EXPECT it each and every time.


Wow that was pretty nice of them. We had some pretty bad experiences with the buses on our trip. Very inefficient, to say the least.

We actually watched a father and daughter run to catch a bus that was just sitting, and the bus driver drove off without letting them on!! :eek: