Need bus and boat schedule


We are staying at the WL for the first time. Does anyone have a bus and boat schedule? We have stayed at the Poly a few times and are used to the fastest way to get places but will be a new experience at the WL. Thanks.


The resort boat which goes from WL to FW to Contemporary constantly starts running from FW at 6:45am and I believe goes until 11pm.

I am not positive about buses, but I think they run about 1-1.5 hours before the parks open and after they close. Boat to MK runs about the same time as the buses. I do not think there is a bus that goes from WL to MK- you have to take the boat. That is the case at least for FW.


All buses in WDW are said to run every 20 min starting 1.5 hours before park opening. The boat is the only transportation to MK; no bus there.

We’re going to WL in 16 days! YAY! You’ll love it. It’s an amazing resort.


Buses run from one hour before park open and are supposed to run for 2 hours after park close.
The resort loop launch starts running somewhere around 7 AM and shuts down around 11.
In the morning it runs clockwise (CR-FW-WL) around 3 PM it reverses and runs counter clockwise (CR-WL-FW). The reason is that in the morning people need to get to Chef Mickey’s and at night Hoop Dee Doo.
The main launch from WL to MK runs about a half hour (perhaps earlier) before park open until one hour to one and a half hours after park close. All boat service is weather permitting.
As for an actual schedule of exact sailing times and departure times, those don’t exist anywhere in WDW. The same goes for buses and monorails.


Thanks everyone for the information. It will be very useful. We are down to about 31 days!


One thing to remember about the boats is that if it is foggy they will not run. We had a breakfast adr at crystal palace and when we went to catch the boat we were told it would not be running until the fog lifted, so they provided a bus to the MK.


Not sure if you saw this site, but it will give you an idea of transportation…

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