Need Disney online scrapbooking help please!


I want to make a scrapbook for my parents of our trip using a program similar to Kodak Gallery’s memory book. I’d like to find a company that has a program of a Disney theme that I can just paste my photos to and have it published into a bound book. Any ideas? Thanks!


ooh, sounds neat! i;m interested to see what you do!!


I looked and looked, I would love to hear if someone has found such a thing.


There is no easy answer to what you want to do, I searched extensively after my trip last June. That being said, here are the pages that I had printed out in a book… June 2007 - Old Key West

The backgrounds are all scanned paper backgrounds that I bought at the local arts and crafts store. I edited my pictures and put the pages together with Adobe Photo Elements and then had the book printed out by imagestation. Imagestation is closed now, but there are other online companies that will print out books, like, snapfish,, etc.


I can pretty safely say that I’ve looked, and you will not find a company that has a Disney Themed memory book for digital scrapbooking. I know this because I spent many hours looking for such a thing months ago and wound up making my own digial elements. I wish Disney would get on the ball with digital scrapbooking ~ they’ve done so well with licensing their images for paper scrapping.

I’d offer you my images and premade pages, but unless you’re good with a semi advanced graphics program and can work with layers on one canvas, I don’t think I’d be of any help. And binding the book would be another issue.