Need DVC points for BWV 4/19 or 4/20-4/26


Can anyone help??? It is for my best friend’s family. They would like to reserve a 2 BEDROOM. Their first request is BWV. But I’m sure at this late in the game, they will be open to suggestions. :happy:

Does anyone have the points for this ressie? As soon as it’s confirmed, they will pay immediately! THANKS!!!


I have points for this, but I don’t think that the standard rooms are available. Maybe preferred, but even that may not be available. Most likely, they will be at OKW or SSR.

I charge $12.50 per points. I have over 3500 points and a lot of experience renting points.

They should call or email me soon, as I usually only rent points once a year in Jan. and I have already rented out most of my points, but I think I could do this.

I have a contract, references, etc.

email or call me