Need Floridians Help Please


We are spending 8 nights at the new Family suites at the All Stars and have three nights free after our WDW trip. We were either thinking of going to Miami and then I checked Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. They have a great “add-on” package - three nights for only $275 total…WOW!

We stayed there before and loved it - if not a bit rural, but relaxing!

How is the weather in early December (8th-11th) and is their pool heated.



Not a Floridian but I’m pretty sure that all pools in The World are heated.


In early December, you’re more likely to have 80 degree days than 60 degree days. I’d be willing to bet that the pools as Vero Beach are heated.


Oh, I’m sorry. I misread your question! I thought you were talking about the pools at the AS resorts! Is there resort info on the Disney website about the pool at Vero? Maybe check intercot or allears for more thorough info too.


Typically, it is still very warm in south Florida in Dec. , however, it can cool off at night. It’s quite nice really. I agree that it would be a heated pool as well, but you should check allears and verify there.


I live about 45 minutes from the Vero beach resort … Early December can be hit or miss it could be 80 degrees or we could have a cold spell and it be 50 s during the day I would call the resort and ask that question they would be best to answer it .


Thanks everyone, I guess no matter what, it’s a beautiful place. If it’s cooler there, it’ll probably cooler in Miami too??

Any idea how far DVB is from FT L. Airport?



about an hour and half to two hours … depends on how you drive


I’d say more on the order of 2-2.5 hours. Once they hit Palm Beach, 95’s going to slow down a bunch. It normally takes me about 100 minutes to get from the Sawgrass at Exit 71 up to Yeehaw Junction at Exit 193 on the Turnpike. The airport is about 14 miles farther south.

As for Miami being about the same temps as Orlando/Vero Beach, once it gets to be December we start to see temps in the center of the state being as much as 4 degrees less than the southern cities.


I can handle two-two and half hours, we have a flight in the late morning.
Thanks everyone - I think were doing DVB for the low add on!


You’re looking at 142 miles point to point.


The weather is still pretty fantastic in December. We go to the beach every Christmas.


You will probably see average temps 75-80


Hmm, bad time to be thinking about going to Miami. The Dolphins will be in Buffalo on December 9th :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Once again… …the weather question! As always, Florida is the only place you can turn on three different weather forecasts and they can all be wrong. Well, at least in December that may not be the case; you won’t have the rain possibilities of spring-fall. In any case, you can try to predict our weather, but it’s hard to do. Last winter was amazing. On New Years we were at Epcot and I was in dress pants and a long sleeve dress shirt and was hot (when you factor in the crowd levels). We had a really warm winter. But, we can get down to the upper 20’s to mid 30’s in December. I remember that happening a few years ago, and I thought I was gonna die!

As for pools, most of our pools in Florida are heated. We like the water temps around mid-80’s. My family from up north would consider that bath water! But hey! When you’re used to 80-90 degree weather 3/4 the year, we don’t want the water to be any colder than that!!!

Now, going back to the Miami comment. Miami is my favorite city in Florida, but it is more adult oriented. In December, I don’t think there are many people crazy enough to jump in the Atlantic Ocean, but I guess that depends on where you are from. Vero Beach would be more family oriented (and I take you are bringing kids as you have the Family Suite reserved at the AS resort). If you are looking for culture and history, Miami rocks. They have lots of great bars and clubs and put Tampa (20 minutes from me) to shame. I’m not trying to sway your travel itinerary, but heading towards the ocean in December isn’t something I would do! Unless, of course, it was to party! Or, to visit friends/family.


Requiem, they’re from Connecticut where the largest body of ocean water they have is Long Island Sound where the surf temps in the summer are in the low 70s if you’re lucky. In December, the surf temps in Miami are still around 80.
And I’m not going to try and sway Mr D one way or the other.
(South Beach, you can keep it)


Soundgod, actually in December the surf temp of South Beach is about upper to low 70’s. That early on in December, you’re probably looking about 75-78 degrees. Specifics for water temp can be found at Vero Beach would be a few degrees cooler. However as a Floridian, shy of giving me a lot of money, there is no way I’d get into water that is in the 70’s in December in Florida! That’s just way too cold for me!

You have a very valid point about surf temps up north getting into the 70’s. So, I see where you are coming from there. My family from Ohio’d probably go into the ocean at that time of year. I imagine a family from Connecticut would have no problem with it either and could take major advantage of our beaches and the fact that they won’t be crowded at all.


I was just going by what the TV weather guys have said historically for December surf temps, but what’s a couple degrees between friends?


Hi guys!
Seeing as it will be probably 15-25 degrees here - anything over sixty is a delight and no shovels!!!
We swim in the sound as you mentioned - and that typically is about 68 degrees.
We’ll look forward to Vero no matter what.



I remember going for a swim in the Sound one Labor Day when my uncle’s family was living in Milford. I got a ferocious sunburn, but the water was cause for shrinkage. Well, it would have been, but for the fact that I was 9.
Enjoy your stay.


The thought of 68 degree water to me sounds like dying of hypothermia. Heck, I’m in jeans and a jacket as soon as the weather drops below 70. I can’t imagine water that cold! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :snowman: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: