Need Grand Gathering ideas


Since my ears perk at the mere mention of anything Disney, I was recently voted to arrange a Grand Gathering with my DH and his family after Thanksgiving. I made it through the ressies, and I purchased the park hoppers.

My questions is, has anyone used any of the “special” Grand Gatherings events, ie. the Safari dinner, or the fireworks cruise? I don’t want to overwhelm the family with too much to do (we will be there for 8 days). We are planning on at least one character breakfast and we will be atttending MVMCP. I am also planning a day away at Sea World (DH has been promised on the last three trips, but this time we’ll make it). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have not personally done it, but I read a review on the Safari dinner. Try pming mickey. He is the one I think who did it, but I am not 100% positive on that.


Well, my family has recently come into teh paln that my entire moms side of he family is going to diseny along withs oem possible famiyl friends…maxing out to 20-25 people
i know that sounds lieka small amount for such a huge park
as we get closer to the date we have sorta realized that it wont be that easyto plan massive gatherings because of the number of people and soem peoples schedules
so i am not usre how much the whole grand gatherings is worth…


I would definitely give it a try. From what I recall, you register your group as a Grand Gathering and then someone is assigned to help you plan your events.

The logistics involved in trying to make the arrangements for a large group can be overwhelming. With an “inside” person to help you, it should be a cinch.

I’ve done the Illuminations Cruise for the Mousefest attendees. It was fabulous! Such a perfect way to enjoy the fireworks or Illuminations with your family!


The most tedious part of the planning so far was making the ressies over the phone. 45 minutes trying to get everyone’s info for each room organized, but Amity was very helpful. We will be staing at POR in the Bayou section. My DH, 2 DS’s and myself stayed there a couple of years ago in the Mansion section and had a great time with just the four of us. I can only imagine that adding 6 to 10 more people will be even better. Add in 2 birthdays during our stay and what a party!!:happy: :happy: I’m getting anxious now and we still have 5 months to go. I’ll have to pace myself.

I will look into the fireworks cruise. I thought I heard before that you may also have the option of an in-room “get together” for the people in the Gathering.

The planning is alot of work, but soooooo rewarding. Just seeing other peoples faces look up Main Street for the first time brings a tear to my eye.


Last year we did the Safari and the illuminations…Would do it again in a minute. Both worth the price. You feel so special as they focus just on the groups. Safari is a private safari ride in the evening, the Mama D takes you to here Inn for dinner, spread is unbelievable. Characters come out to greet you, pictures can be taken, live animals out back for kids to view. Illuminations is even better You meet at the larger building before Mexico, there you have a international buffett, food from every country you can imagine. Entertainment throught your meal, dancing with Goof and Minnie mouse. Then you escorted to a private viewing spot for illuminations, Desert is suppose to be out side(ours was inside because it was misting). But like I said well worth the money:pirate:


sorry folks about my spelling working nights and phones are ring off the hook. The hospital is very busy tonight. Wish I was in Disney right now!!!:phone:


Thanks Missy131 and ddoll. I will offer up each event and take a vote. I know what I want to do (Illuminations):whistling , but I will be democratic about it.

With all this planning, I just want to be there now!!!:happy: :happy:

Come on Thanksgiving!


Sorry Dana, thank you as well. My sons would love the Safari dinner. Both of my boys love the Kilmanjaro Safari ride. Animal Kingdom is such a fun day. It’s the only park I can go to and really relax.


We did the fire works cruise in 05’. All of us loved it. You have a nice dessert buffet at the contemporary dock, all received a special grand gathering firework cruise pin. We met Capt. Hook and Smee prior to boarding and peter pan after the cruise. Then upon the boat we sang played triva games the kids one prizes, watched the water parade and then they pipe in the music for the fireworks and it was amazing. We would do it again in a heart beat if we had a large enough group. Our group include me, dh, our three girls who were 9,5, and 3, our friends also late 20’s early 30’s and their twins celebrating there 5th. Everyone loved it.


If you had a choice to do one of the grand gatherings that includes dinner or the polynesian lua? Also, does any of the grand gatherings include alcoholic beverages? I noticed that the polynesian lua includes beer and wine, which makes it a really good deal for dinner.