Need help choosing a gift


For my soon to be 11 y.o. DD Megan. She won’t be going this time around so I wanted to pick her up a little something special. I’ve already decided to buy Ed a shut up and fish tee from Epcot so now I need ideas for Megan. She isn’t into Disney like Madison and I are. She doesn’t like High School Musical anymore so I’m kind of clueless on what to get her. Anyone have any ideas?


Well, I guess it depends on what you think is ‘special’ for her. Hmm, an 11 year old who isn’t too into Disney? Honestly, if it were me I think I would get something special from Arribas Brothers. Maybe a cute pair of crystal earrings or a special necklace? I think 11 is the age where girls start appreciating jewelry & are getting old enough to be responsible wearing it. Arribas brothers does have some really cute crystal earrings for as low as $15.-$20.


WHAT!!! She dosen’t like High School Musical anymore. Yikes I love those movies, shhh, don’t tell anyone. Something Jonas Brothers or Camp Rock? What does she like? Is she wanting clothes, music( how about David Archeletta or cook)?


I love the jewelry idea. The World of Disney Store in DTD also has some nice jewelry that isn’t necessarily Disney themed. As a gift, we got a young friend a beautiful glass unicorn from Arribas Bros.


OH, how about something at the new TrenD store. That looks like it will be awsome and a cool place to get her a gift.


I shop for gifts for my god-daughter & nieces, old enough to really need to be “cool” but still young enough to watch disney, only when no one is looking. I’ve found great jewelry, usually earings, that do have mickeys but you have to look really close to see them. A cool pair of hoops with black dangles (all mickeys) that look slightly “goth”. (how goth can WDW get…) that are often seen on a 18 year old niece that struggles to crack a smile any “cute”. I love the chance to shop for girls :laugh:,


Thanks all for all the really great advise. I love the jewerly idea. I have no clue why I couldn’t come up with than on my own. She did buy a little pink travel jewerly box with a mickey clasp last time we were there. I think jewerly will do the trick! She thinks she is too cool for Disney and characters but a little Mickey something won’t kill her:laugh: thanks again! Love all the ideas! I just didn’t want to come home with nothing for her.


OR, I just thought of another idea! How about that nice bath store Basin in DtD? You can make her a cute gift bag of goodies. They have pretty smelling bath fizzies, gycerin soaps with shapes inside of flowers, cherries, etc… Lots of cute stuff like that!


Wish, you should give being a secret shopper a whirl! I would love to get a gift basket like that!


You’d be surprised how often I hear that. :pinch: Just today actually I had a woman 25 years older than me ask if I could find her an appropriate dress for her daughter’s wedding. Another girl from work asked me to go to the mall with her to help her find summer clothes that look good on her. Not sure if this is because people trust my fashion opinion or because they think I am a shop-a-holic. :pinch:


I was thinking this, too! We were at TrenD a few weeks ago and there were some really cute, fun accessories in there! I wanted to spend more time browsing but got dragged out by the rest of the family.:glare:


OMG! I love Basin! I think I will make her up a little bag of bath salts and soaps with some mickey earings. Love love love the idea1


I went into that store (because Wishy always raves about it) last trip and my goodness how it smells. It was (for me) super strong. It was a good smell,just one store I cannot stay very long in.


Both are good reasons, take pride in them!!! The economy thanks you!