Need help deciding


I am planning on taking the kids to MNSSHP in Sept. i just don’t know what day I need to do it on Here is what I got so far:

6th- arrive
7th- MK (EMH)
9th- MNSSHP? from 4 till 12?
10th -AK(EMH)
11th- rest
14th-drive home

or should I switch the 9th and the 12th Not much of a difference except that onthe 9th Epcot EMHs are in the evening on the 12th EMHs or in the morning. I kind of feel we should do it at the front of the week so everyone is exhausted yet any suggestions, I also need dining suggestions Please.


I like to do the EMH for the pm b/c you get more out of it. So its up to you. The only place I find I like am EMH better is AK. So if I were you I would stick to the PM hours.


Like GemDisney we prefer EMH pm at the parks except from AK where it is better to go a.m as the animals are far more alert and around at this time.


The choice in which EMH is totally personal. My kids do MUCH better in the morning so we do more AM EMH. For MNSSHP what we did was do rope drop that morning, then back to the resort for a nap, then MNSSHP at 5PM. Do what you feel will work best for your family.


For MNSSHP, we do a wake up whenever day, relax, go to pool, nap, head to the park for 5ish for our ADR . . .then you are done by 7pm when the party starts! Relaxed, full and READY TO GO!!! :smile:


Assuming that the dates for MNSSHP are correct (they have not been officially annoucned yet so be careful with your planning until they are) I would do it on the 9th.

Here is what I would do…
6th- arrive = Dinner at O’hanna
7th- MK (EMH) Late breakfast (10:30) @crystal palace or cinderella’s
8th-DHS(EMH) - Dinner at Momma’s or Hollywood and Vine
9th- MNSSHP? from 4 till 12? - lunch on the world showcase…I pick lecellier
10th -AK(EMH) - Rainforest Cafe or Boma
11th- rest - Downtown disney at night and dinner at the Irish pub place
12th-EPCOT(EMH) - dinner at coral reef
13th-MK - dinner at 1900 park fare or whispering canyon
14th-drive home - have o’hanna’s breakfast before you leave.


I actually prefer the EMH in the AM because it is only resort guests, no stragglers still trying to get on the rides!


For the PPP this is what we did, it might work for you too for MNSSHP: Sleep in, hang out at the pool for the majority of the day and just relax, get ready and then head to MK around 4:00, have an ADR somewhere within MK for 5:30, then enjoy the party for the rest of the night. This schedule worked great, we were well rested and were one of the last to leave MK; it was great.


Thanks with the help with ADRs I hope the dates are correct (but they also have it while you are there)


Regardless of what else you decide, I would keep MNSSHP on the 9th because the 12th is a Friday. I’ve found that doing “special ticketed events” are much more crowded on the weekend because you get more local folks there. Just my opinion…:wink:


For us EEMHs at Epcot really aren’t that great. This does depend on what you are trying to do though. Yes you get more time than in the morning but somehow we never do very much during that time. Epcot seems to be the one park that we go in a time warp and get spit out later. If you are trying to hit the big rides times go way up and stay up during this time. Soarin can be a 2 hour wait because there are no longer fast passes used. If you are hitting the smaller rides or seeing the countries then this is better.
You are going when crowds are less due to school being in so that is a plus.
As ilvminnie said locals are more likely to hit the Friday party than during the week.


Im my last two trips I did much better touring opposite the EMH. The parks are so full by 5 pm it seems counter productive.

Also, since you asked for opinions, Id also split parks each day, It seems to prevent the fatigue from setting in. That is of course if you have hopper passes…

On the other hand Sept is slooow! So crowds should not be bad.