Need help deciding


I’m sitting here in my lounge chair at Caribbean beach resort pool. It’s 84 degrees. Do I order yet another pina colada? Or do I go for the rum runner? It’s been so nice all week (80’s every day), I just can’t decide…


Order both and promise to do a FULL TR with LOTS of pics ASAP!!! I am in SERIOUS need of a TR. And YES I AM JEALOUS!!!


OMG! Order the pina colada and anything else fruity. Is a rum runner fruity?


84?? Oh I am so jealous!! I prefer the margaritas, but whatever makes you:biggrin:


I must admit I have been frequenting the banana cabana quite a bit.


Order another, or you could look up our weather and the 2+ feet of snow we still have on the ground… lol… sorry I am just jealous, have a great time…


You stinker!!! I’m going to have to have a glass a wine just to get over what you are teasing us about!



Oh dear, oh dear - decisions, decisions.:glare: That’s fine, don’t worry about us… Just…fine.

(I’d go with yet another pina colada). Great…now I’ve got that song in my head…


OUCH!!! that hurt :laugh: Of course not the 84 since it’s 72 and sunny here, but dangling those tasty fruity beverages at us is downright shameful :biggrin:


Oh man. I don’t know if I should feel angry that you’re rubbing it in or feel happy for you that you’re there (and have such difficult decisions to make). :blink:

Um, go for the pina colada. And have another for me. :happy:


I LOVE IT! :laugh: Get one of each!
We will be arriving a the CBS on Thursday I’m soooooo excited.
How has the weather been? I’m mainly looking for the evening temps. Are long pants and sweatshirts needed??


Lol definately go for the pina colada!!


lol!! I’d go for another Pina Colada! Glad you’re enjoying the beautiful weather we’re having!


I am so jealous. I just got back from a walk in 19 degree weather. I’m leaning toward a hot chocolate myself.

Can’t wait to see your TR! Please take lots of pictures!


I’m all for the Pina Colatta but not too many I wouldn’t want you to catch a chill!!!


Can I say “you suck” without getting banned? :laugh: No, I’m totally jealous. I’d go with the rum runner (or even better, rum punch) definitely! Pina coladas are far too sweet for me. Their banana colada is actually really good too.

We got 7" of snow last Thursday and it’s still on the ground because it’s so cold in Kansas City! I could use a CBR break (or a detailed TR might suffice).


My company is in Overland Park, I know you guys got it bad. It was only 77 here today in Atlanta, so sad. hehe.

I will take the Mai Tai please! My tiki hut at the Polynesian misses me.


so jealous. . and I suspect a little late in responding to your question, however, today is another day and you may be faced with the same issue. . . a bartender at the Banana Cabana once told us that there is far less alcohol in the frozen drinks. . . but the taste is much better.



Do you really think you’re going to push my buttons telling me how nice it is in Orlando?
While you try to wind me up, I’ll be out back, reading a book in the sun.
Might use the hot tub later.


I hate you…seriously hate you…LOL Order another one and drink a toast to me who is NOT in WDW and won’t be until August…you tease!:biggrin: