Need help figuring this out if you are familiar with dvc


a person my husband works withowns a bunch of timehare property, he said he often trades so to speak wih people. he offered to try and get us a place at dvc we have 4 kids and a baby under 1yr ( total 6pp)

he thought we could get something nice for around 800.00 for a week (7 days)depending on when we go of coarse! is that possible really?

right now we are set to go during the new meal plan offer Aug.31st thru Sept5th but we were really wanting to go like in mid november thru anytime in Dec.

I really like the meal plan for the purpose of the charcter meals and not having to try and figure out what it will cost me to eat daily because I really don’t know. I know breakfast would be ate in for the most part. the idea of a cozy style home is appealing also. is there any extra perks with us staying as a DVC member ???

our kids are ages—10,7,4 and almost 1 yr.

what are any of your thoughts??? I really don’t know where to start figuring out were my best value would be. I have seen most dvc points for our size are around 200-270 points give or take time of year etc. any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



I am staying at OKW on rented points the last week of October. I have a two bedroom villa for 4 nights and a studio for 3 for a total of seven nights. It cost me a little less than $2000 for everything. I paid $10 a point. I forget the breakdown of the points by night, but I am sure someone can break it down for you. I can’t see how you are going to do a week for $800, but what do I know?


I have never rented out my points or rented points to stay but I am a DVC member. I will agree with Dana that most other offers and stories from people who HAVE done it the price was around $10 per point. I am not too sure how only $800 for a week would work because even in VALUE season in a STUDIO (smallest accomodation) most DVC resorts average about 123 points. That right there would be $1,230. I hope it works out for you at that price, that would be a STEAL!!! :biggrin:


800 for 7 days would be great for a DVC resort. That would come out to around 114 per night.
You can’t beat that price!
We are renting at the Boardwalk Vllas for 159 per night.


I’m renting BWV or BCV for $114 a night, but that’s Sunday night through Thursday night only, in VALUE season.


Keep in mind, if you’re going to take advantage of the free meal plan I read today that it does not apply to DVC rooms. If you book and pay cash for a room, yes…but with points, then no. You may want to research it further before you make your final decision.


Oh I forgot to add that we’ve stayed in a studio at OKW for 5 nights (Sun-Thurs) for a total of 55 points in December and in March. The weekends are the days that getchya. We usually transfer to another resort and pay for those nights in order to save our points for another trip. We have AP’s, so we usually find a good deal on weekend rooms.


thanks guys! I was not sure how he thought he could pull this off it sounded like a GREAT deal ! he did not know for sure of anything he was trying to see if he could get us something that was more then 2 value rooms together for almost the same cost with more amenities ( living room, kitchen etc) by trading his time share for another one there. atleast I know that its about 200 pts for a place, can any of you tell me which 2 places would be your first choice to stay at on the dvc side??

like I said we have kids that will ages 10,7,4, and almost 1.
can I stay someplace that sleeps 4pp or are they kinda strict on that??? the 3 kids are small enough to share a bed and the baby will be in a pak & play.
i don’t see us needing a place for 8 or 12 when there are 6 of us and 3/4th of the 6 are little kids.
any thoughts on this for when we do a further hunt for teh best deal???


My husband and I just bought our DVC and will be using it for the first time in September. We are taking my husbands parents. We will be staying in a two bedroom villa at Old Key West and it is costing us 218 points for value season. We have opted to get the Annual Passes (since we will be returning again before next September to use teh remaining of our 2006 points.) and the meal plan because it seems like the best way for us to save some money.

In doing some research we have found that the Villa’s at OKW have the largest sized accomodations and they seems to cost the least amount of points. Whatever you decide, I am sure you will have a great time, your three older children are at great ages for Disney! Ours are still young (2 & 3) but since we now are DVC members we figure it’s not really a waste since we can come back every year if we choose. I am sure they will get more out of Disney as the years pass, but hey, who can ever get enough from Disney? Good luck on your quest!


scretella, you’ve made the best investment in your family that you could ever make.


Ask this guy if you are getting a 2-bedroom villa? If you are, this is a great deal and jump at it.

You have six people in your family? A 1-bedroom villa MIGHT be workable. A studio for 6 people would not work.

I have a family of 5. The problem is the hotel industry designs everything for families of 4. The two bedroom can hold up to 8. A studio holds 4 and that is a stretch, but you will find the same problem in most hotel rooms.

At DVC, Disney’s Old Key West has the largest rooms with lower points.

I grew up in a family of 6 and my dad always got two rooms anywhere we went. :noo:


A one bedroom villa at OKW would be workable for you. The master bedroom has a king bed and the living room has a pull-out queen. PLus there’s a pack and play crib in every villa. If your three kids are willing to share the queen and the baby in the crib, I see no problem. You’ll never get the same amount of space as you do at OKW. Also, we’ve taken an air mattress and used it for one of our kids, when they went through a stage of refusing to sleep in the same bed. You’ll have oodles of space!


he said a villa with 1 or 2 bedrooms would be possible i was not sure though. my husband said this buddy of his felt pretty confident in it. I don’t know how much swapping he does with his time share for a “disney resort” , i just know he told us he does it all the time with several timeshares he has.

I still wanted to do a dining plan so we can hit someplaces that are rather on the high end like charcter meals and some of the nicer restuarants. my husband said oh we don’t need to go to those. :eek: :eek: :mad: I said what the heck is the purpose if are not going to do the things we can not do on a normal basis!!! :huh: he said nothing I said if i am doing this we are going all out. you can exspect ME to go and not do teh charcter meals at all! are you NUTS or what. he said oh we can not not do them oh well then ok. so to prove my point I am going to price out some places we may go and show his how cost effective it is.

any how we figured 800.00 for week stay ( based on this guydh works with)
dining plan was approx.750.00
hopper passes were 1,100.00

total 2,650.00 not including flight

I wonder if it was only 800.00 because it was a trade of time share as well?? not just buying points type of transaction???

is there a discount we can use on a dining plan if we use dvc property or for our hopper passes??? thanks soo much for your input!!!

we are thinking if we can get onto dvc with a trade we want to go after turkey day if we can find a place anyhow that will do a trade around then :wub:

thanks for any and all help!!!