Need Help for Epcot meal


HI all! I have the princess Story book for dinner on 5-23 but was thinking about changing it and was able to get LeCellier for dinner at 5:45. I dont know if I want either of the 2. What should I do? Im not into booking breakfast with the DDP because I dont feel I get the value of the plan. So help!! What should I do. Is LeCellier good???


We are doing LeCellier for the first time this trip. From what I have heard, it has great reveiws. I personally did not care for the Princess breakfast at Epcot.


Its the dinner we are doing and I didnt like it either but my mommom did and shes going this time… I was told that LeCellier is alacarte. Are veggies included cause it doesnt say so


We have been to Le Cellier several times and we absolutely love it. If you were able to get an ADR for LeCellier, I would say try it. It can be a little difficult getting an ADR there. The food is very yummy. You can check out their menu with the following link:
Le Cellier Dinner Menu - Canada - Epcot
Hope this helps!:happy:


I don’t know that veggies are included but we are always so full that we don’t need more. You get a full meal, I’m just not sure it’s meat, carb/potato (side dish), and a veggie but for sure you get a full meal and don’t have to pay extra for a side dish to go with your steak.

I think my DH got a veggies but it was just a small amount more for color than anything else. Check out the menu on AllEars, the side dishes are listed next to the main item it comes with.


LeCellier is a must do for us. We will schedule our days in the parks so that we can get into Le Cellier for dinner.


LeCellier is a great restaurant. My favorite at Epcot.


Le Cellier is probably one of the most difficult ADR’s to get right now (aside from Cinderella’s RT), so I’d keep that.


OMG, DON’T CANCEL your Le Cellier. I actually tried to book it twice for my trip this year and couldn’t get it one night, so I did Coral Reef instead. But I still have it for one! The 7 oz filet mignon (which I just see they took off the menu) :eek:

My husband had to Mushroom Filet Mignon and LOVED it. It comes very highly recommended. Last year the appetizers were included, this year not, but I will spend the extra $$ and get the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. Oh… to die for!

This is by far one of the best restaurants in DW


Thanks all! I guess Im keeping it!!


We are going to almost all new places to eat in May trip but in October Le Cellier is back on the list. We really enjoyed it.



Trust me, you will get more than enough food - and all of it will be yummy!


I agree dont cancel Le Cellier the Mushroom filet with risotto is the best … Plus llama’s daughter works there you have to meet her …


Sounds like a plan.

llama can you ask you DD to add extra onions! :laugh:


LeCEllier is AWESOME! Do go…you got seriosuly lucky to get it this close…it’s usually booked out fast.


After looking at the menu on allears I think my party will LOVE it! Its also a great time slot


In answer to your veggie question - those have to be ordered seperately and will have to pay OOP for them. We ordered the spinach and it was great!

We loved our meal there and I’m sure you will too!

I’ve never done the Princess Storybook dinner - didn’t really like the menu choices. Breakfast was good, but I’m with you with not wanted to spend the TS credit on breakfast. Now…did you tell your DD that she won’t be eating with the Princesses???


I would keep the Le Cellier. It is also at a great time, I have never been able to get in at Le Cellier after 4:30pm!!
You will love the food and the atmosphere. It is a must do for us every trip.


To be honest Madison could care less where we eat. She has been there many times before and besides she keeps giving me a hard time about cleaning her room so she better be happy she is going at all:laugh:


:wub: GET THE CHEESE SOUP!!!:wub:
It is sooooo yummy!!! My DH usually gets the salad as his appetizer and I get the cheese soup and we share. That way we get a veggie with it!!:blush:

I cannot believe you got a 5:45 time!! I could not get dinner ANY night of 10 nights, so we took a 2:15 late lunch just so we could eat there!!!:happy: