Need help for school


Need help. A while back while searching boards I came across a school excuse letter and pages to print out to do school reports on (think it was called the WDW Journal), while on vacate with pics of each park as the headers and now I can’t find them. I wanted DD’s to work on that and maybe submit it for extra credit since they’re missing school but can’t find it now.

Anyone ever come across somethng like that? We’re leaving in less than 48 hrs for 9 days and I need to start packing(yeah I know) and am running out of time.


Evidently I have nothing better to do at night:blink::happy: lol but i think i found them for ya.

here are the journals, Disney Kids Travel Journal • The Mouse For Less

and the letter, School Excuse Sample Letters • The Mouse For Less


Thank you soooo mcuh Pixie. Leaving tomorrow for 9 days, only 1/2 of us packed and I really wanted the girls to do journals for school but knew there’s no way i’d have time to hunt them down. :happy::happy::happy:


I’ll have to check with DD when I pick her up today. She had specific instructions from her teacher to visit both HOP and AA, but I’m not sure what additional work was expected.


I went to Mouseforless and wrote the letters and sent them to school. well we hada school function tonight and both of their teachers and the principal all commented about the letters they loved them. They all said for us to have a nice trip and that the letters where well thought out. I did let it out to them where I got the letters from.

Thank you for posting the site Pixie.