Need help on a book


Hey folks!
I’m currently looking for a Disney World guide book :blush:
Just wondering what you all read/have.
I’ve been looking at a few but decided to come and ask the people I can trust, I’m going to order thw choosen book tonight so bring on the suggestions.
Thank You



They’re all so very different, but the two I seem to use the most are Passporter and The Unofficial Guide. Passporter has great info and it keeps me organized, that’s the one I use constantly for any upcoming trips. The Unofficial Guide has more information in it than you could ever use, but I love their writing style and reference it frequently. If I could only buy one (heaven forbid) I would choose Passporter since it’s both reference and organizer. Have fun choosing!


Wow, thanks.
I was looking at the ‘Complete Guide’ and I’m realy intested so when we (DM and I) tried to add the book to our basket, (Amazon) it wouldn’t allow us :sad:
We are trying again tommorow morning (It’s 9pm in Scotland) but at this moment in time I’m looking up the Passporter.

Thanks Again!


Some people love the Passporter, others the Unofficial Guide. I swear by personal research :biggrin:


I tend to use Passporter, mainly for the maps and planning the days. It has a wealth of info on the resorts, park, transportation, etc. If you do use the Passporter and are making ressies with a towncar company, Tiffany Towncar usually has a coupon in the back of the book for about $5 off your round trip.

We did use The Unoffical Guide on our last trip. It has great day planning for each park, must sees, etc.


I agree . . . my DDs and I :heart::heart::heart: this book. Each time you look at it and read it you pick up another tip! It’s a really good one!


Well, my three favorites have already been mentioned:
Complete Guide, Passporter, and Unofficial Guide.
Have fun shopping!!


Thanks again everyone!
We ordered the “Complete Guide” just minutes ago.
I’m looking foward to reading it!
Thanks alot!


P.S - I love how you can come on here and ask any question and you’re gaurnteed great answers

:heart:I love you Guys!:heart:


I have looked at the various popular Disney books, and I seem to find most of my information on the internet… especially here…lol