Need Help Renting points


Hi I need help I am interested in renting points. I don’t know how or where to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am too!! I hope someone with the knowledge answers this one!


I have rented points a few times…once from ebay, and two other times from someone I already knew (1 was a friend, 1 an online friend I’ve met a couple of times).

What would you like to know? If you are looking to rent points for a specific resort, I would post the question here, to see if anyone has any points available for you. If that doesn’t work, there’s always that HUGE DISney board that has a forum dedicated to DVC.

Give me specific questions, and I will try to help! I think renting points is a GREAT way to experience a Deluxe Resort at Moderate prices! :happy:


We are looking to rent points for upcoming Feb trip. There will be between 4 and 6 adults. Not sure if this is even possible. How much are the points worth. I don’t really care which resort


Question 1? We will be staying for 3 nights. Approx how many points do you think I will need?


Every resort has different point values- it depends on the room type (studio, 1 bedroom, etc.) night of the week, and view. The points calendar can be found here:

Disney Vacation Club Resales by DVC By Resale


You rent points from DVC members that have extra points. They run generally $10-13 per point. Generally, it works out to about 1/2 -2/3 of what you would pay renting DVC resorts directly from Disney.

Number of points needed per night vary greatly based on season and size of unit you are staying in. As low as $8 per night for a studio in low season.

The DVC Member has to make the reservation for you and the reservation is in your name. All changes must be made by the member. There are differnec cancellation policys and depending on the date of the trip and when the points expire, if you change or cancel the trip it may not be refundable unless you get travel insurance. For example, if I rent you points which expire 7/31 for a 6/15 trip and you cancel at the last minute I can’t rent the points to someone else.

Most of the time it’s a win-win situation. I have extra points due to an add on that I’ve offered to rent at $10 ($11 with insurance.) PM or email me if you want more info.


We rented points from a fellow MB’er. This member advertised that they were renting points, we PM’d in time, and paid them through PayPal. They were $10 per point. They made a request for the resort we requested and luckily we got it. They received the confirmation in the mail, and then forwarded it to us. They made DVC aware that we were staying, and gave them our name, etc. When we checked in, they knew exactly who we were, and had 0 problems. It was a fabulous transaction, and would do it again.


Check out the DVC forum here at Mousebuzz or visit DISBOARDS - they have a HUGE DVC section.

I wish I could help, but we’ve already rented our points this year.


Random question - are you able to purchase the dining plan (assuming you purchase a 1-day MYW) if you rent DVC points?


Yes, you can add the dining plan if you rent points and the best part is you don’t have to buy a pass of any kind!


That is really cool - I am starting to see why so many people rent points on a regular basis! Thanks!


I suggest you put your request in the DVC points trade/sell forum here on mousebuzz. Someone who has DVc points would look there to sell or rent them. Just like Daisee said, it’s an easy thing to do. I am renting points for the second time from someone here on MB…easy to do and hassle free. Do it with someone on here for has been posting for awhile and come up with a sound agreement.


I use to rent points. Some of the owners there will also negotiate price with you.


I have rented points twice and it is really nice. You also don’t have to pay for dining plan or park tickets until check in. I suggest you go to They are much friendlier that DISBOARDS. You can post a message saying you would like to rent points or look for points people have posted to rent. Make sure they have been using the boards for a long time and have good feedback. The person I rent from ask for 20% up front and the rest 60 days out. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions since you are sending money to a stranger and they will be arranging your room and dining plan! If you would like pm me and I will give you the info on the person I rent from. He may be able to help you!