Need help with a cruise


DH and I decided that we are going to spend the money and take a disney cruise next year to celebrate our 5th anniversary. I just went on the to start getting some prices etc and when I went to go and select the month and the year that I need its not there. We are looking at June 2007. Well it stops at April of 07 and then jumps right to to Sept 07. Does anyone know why this is? Are they not having any cruises for the summer of 07? I was thinking that maybe they are only having those cruises to Europe during these months and none to the caribbean?


Haven’t ever done the cruise wedindisney, but I know that the passporter now makes a guide for it. I love their WDW guide and think their cruise guide would be just as great.


I would call the Disney Cruise Lines direct! It couldn’t hurt to ask! I know that they are re positioning the Magic over in Europe, but I believe that the Wonder will still be sailing out of Port Canaveral!


Yea I think that Im going to have to do that cause I checked again this am just in case and its still the same dates. I figured that I would try and price out the europe cruise (since hey its our 5th anniversary) and its over 9,000 for a room with a balcony and that price is without airfare. OUCH a little too pricey for us…


The Magic is going to be Europe next year which will mean that this cruise will be a lot more expensive than the Carribean cruise. (My family was suppose to be going next summer but since we have to fly to Europe and then pay for the cruise it would just be too much.) When I went on the cruise we booked through AAA. It’s very easy to do and you get special perks. I would say first call Disney and see what’s going on with the summer of '07 and then maybe try to go to a AAA and just find out some information about it.


We just got back from our cruise!! It was great. The Magic that is normally 7 days will be in the Med during that time. So, if you want to do 7 days I believe you are out of luck. I will have to post a trip report soon.


I can’t wait to read your trip report, jk8! My family and I sail on the Magic this July, and I’m dying to hear about the little things that Disney has done to the ship while she was in dry-dock! :happy: