Need help with a letter to Santa


We are leaving for Disney in 12 Days there will be 8 of us. My brothers DD who is 9 is the only one who doesn’t know about the trip. We have kept quiet for 1 whole year, hasn’t been easy. Anyway she is a believer in Santa so I need help with a letter she can leave telling him where she will be. They are staying at POR. I would also like to leave her a letter Christmas morning with her stocking. Can anyone help?


when are you telling her about the trip? don’t forget, she can always count on the fact that santa see you when your sleeping, so he has to know where you are sleeping!


I did the same thing for my children. Santa left their gifts at home, he left them a note at Disney Christmas morning along with cameras. The note said something like: I left all of your gifts under your tree, but I thought you could use these now. Merry Christmas, Love Santa


She will find out the morning we leave. They live 3 hours from us so we are meeting them at the airport. My family is the second surprise. Going is the first.


i’d read a story - and emphasize that he sees you - and always knows where you are. maybe tell her a story about a friend who was in a different place on Christmas and how santa still found her.

i can remember thinking those security camera thingys in stores were secret santa cam’s - so he could check up on you in stores too. lolor you can tell her that you wrote to him for her, since you knew about it the trip.


I agree, Santa knows where all the good boys and girls are! At what point will she find out that she is going to disney? Maybe as soon as you arrive at the airplane, park, etc. she could drop a letter in a mailbox explaining where she is and then explain that mom/dad/whoever, also left a note a home with some cookies for Santa stating that she will be in Disney.

Also, maybe some of her gifts could be shipped in advance to the hotel and you could put them out for christmas morning.


Could someone also put the remaining gifts under the tree at home, so when she arrives at home her gifts are under the tree.


Her Mom and Dad are taking her gifts. Everything she asked for is small so they will fit in the suitcase. I guess they are having a letter mailed to her that says that Santa heard she was going to be gone and he will see her at Disney World. This will arrive the Friday before we leave. Thats when she will find out about the trip. Thanks for all the help.:angel: