Need help with Fantasmic timing!


I just read that Fantasmic is only going to show on Mondays and Thursdays! This puts some stress on my planning. I already have all of my adrs set and changing them puts dinner at some bad times, so on Thursday we have Hoop Dee Doo at 9:30. We want to see Fantasmic at 7 since Monday is impossible. Is this possible? Will we have time to travel between the The Studios and Pioneer Hall? We are staying at FW so we will definatley drive to the Studios to get back!


Since you have a car, it is doable. I would pick up your tickets to HDDR when you check in to FW so you don’t have to worry about getting there earlier.


If you have a car, you should have enough time.
Fantasmic is 28 minutes long, so a 7 PM show will be over by 7:30.
You would almost do as well if you took a bus from the Studios to the Contemporary and then grabbed the Bay Lake resort launch. The launch, unlike buses, will drop you a few feet from Pioneer Hall.
Another idea is to bus to Wilderness Lodge and then transfer to the launch. Yes, in both these routes, you’ll need to walk from the bus to the dock, but if you do, you won’t have to deal with the FW loop buses or rented golf carts.