Need help with some ADR changes


Because we’re taking advantage of the BC discount we need to change an ADR. We have breakfast at Crystal Palace (we’re keeping it) but we want to go back to the hotel for an afternoon break and then go back to MK in the evening for EMH.

Currently we have a 5:45pm reservations at Tony’s Town Square in MK.

Here are the options:

  1. Keep Tony’s but switch the time (to a later time 7pm). We’ve been to Tony’s once before for dinner and have enjoyed it.

  2. See if we can go to Chef Mickey’s for dinner (again around 7pm). This trip has been about trying new things/places. We’ve never been to Chef Mickey’s, mom’s partial to buffets, I’m partial to characters (especially in different costumes, and especially Donald who doesn’t seem to make many character meal appearances).

  3. See if we can go to Garden Grill for dinner (around 6pm). This would give me my character fix (no Donald though). We love the hydroponic garden idea (we plan on doing the Behind the Seeds tour) and the fresh veggies coming from it. Again, this would be a restaurant we’ve never been to.

  4. Leave everything as is and see what happens.

So which choice would you pick and why? Since we’ve never done Chef Mickey’s or Garden Grill what are the pluses and minuses of each (I’ve seen both menus and on paper they all seem fine).


It sounds like chef mickey and the characters would make everyone happy go for it.


Tough call, but if it was me I would go with Garden Grill.
One of the great benifits of staying at the BC is how many great places you can walk to from there.


My choice would be Garden Grill for dinner, we have always had a good experience there. I only had dinner at Chef Mickey’s once, so I can’t really comment, although we love it for breakfast. :slight_smile:


I have never had Chef Mickey’s for Dinner… did Garden Grill for lunch and the food was very good… But I just love Tony’s… I guess you know where I am going with this one.


I’m a Tony’s fan.


Out of the listed options, I’d go with Garden Grill. The food was good (not great) and the characters are always fun. The atmosphere is fun with the rotating restaurant, etc.

Walk over to Epcot for dinner, then jump on the monorail from Epcot to MK. It is a monorail ride many don’t get to take. We then take the bus from MK back to the BC at the end of the night.

You have so many other dining options in walking distance. :laugh: I’d call the dining line and see what they have in Epcot with a good time. Don’t forget Spoodles and the othe places along the Boardwalk.


If the choice is between Garden Grill and Chef Mickeys, I would pick Garden Grill. I love Chef Mickeys, but I HATE getting up and going to the buffet for the fear that my husband will nottake pictures of the kids with the characters. Plus, at the GG, they bring you the food, it is nice and calm, and the characters can spend more time with you. Makes for a more relaxing dinner.


I knew I liked you for some good reason… LOVE Tony’s


Garden Grill is my two DDs all time favorite . . . the food is really good and really fresh . . . we must have had them refill the baby carrots dish 10x!! There were so sweet and yummy! Characters do spend a lot of time with you, and it takes a FULL HOUR to fully rotate, we almost made it to the end. That is the draw for my DDs I think . . .the fact that it moves! :happy:

I’ve never been to Chef Mickeys for Dinner . . . :heart: it for breakfast, but the last time I was their the characters seemed rushed or skipped and came back to the table.

Tony, never been either, but it’s on the list for our Xmas trip . . . so if you go I want a FULL REPORT WITH PICTURES!! :laugh: :laugh: (you think I’m kidding!) :ph34r:


We have been to GG several times. It is always really good and ds loves it.


Thank you so much for your comments. I got a mani/pedi yesterday with my mom and she said she’d like to try something new (so Tony’s is out). When I suggested Chef Mickey’s or Garden Grill, she went for GG. So I’m going to try to switch the ADRs to that.

Thank you again for all your comments!