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Hello this is my first post on mousebuzz, and I know it wont be my last. I am planning a trip April 8-11th, it is a very big trip. It not only is my daughters first trip to WDW, she will also turn the big [B]5[/B] on the 11th. We are planning on getting park hoppers for all 4 days. My questions are, which parks should we intend on making a full day of and which should we combine? What are the most important to dos at each park( my husband and daughter suffer from motion sickness so no mountain rides for us) :sad:. Also does Disney have lockers for rental as the princess gown(has a hoop skirt, so cant be folded) she will wear to her Princess breakfast at Epcot is early and I know she wont want to wear it all day.
Thank you for your help,
Christina :ariel:


Hello Christina and welcome to Mousebuzz-there are plenty of well informed members on here that will help you with your question so you can make the very best of your holiday- I just wanted to say welcome to you.


OK, my wife’s birthday is the 8th and we went over her birthday in 2009.
Crowds were horrible! Of course, this was just before Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so keep that in mind as well.
If you have hoppers, you have the option to go to a different park should the one you’re in get too crowded. Park populations vary day to day, year to year and are also dependent on which parks have extra magic hours, especially morning EMH because the parks will load up earlier so that you should probably be thinking about heading to another park.
To the locker question, you will have trouble getting that hoop into a standard locker unless you can fold it some way. I’m not sure how many larger lockers they have at Epcot, or if they even have larger lockers.


Hi Christina and welcome to MB.
Whether you are early risers or late sleepers may affect your touring plans. Personally we like to hit the morning EMH’s mainly because by noon some of the Fast Passes are already gone for the day. If I was splitting parks I would spend a whole day in MK and EP and use the other 2 as short days. What we usually do is go to AK on morning EMH, stay till the 3:45 parade, it’s a ghost town after that since the park closes at 5/6, then either go back to the hotel for laundry or hit EP/MK. HS is another that tends to close early, usually around 7ish unless it pm EMH. I would go to HS at rope drop and head straight to Toy Story. Get FP’s right away then jump on and ride. A lot of shows there but can’t see using a whole day. Dizzy rides:laugh:. At EP don’t hit Space Earth first. Go to Test Track and FP. I get sick easy too and that ride doesn’t bother me at all. I’m 2nd guess mission Space and soarin because of motion. All of your boat rides are good there and don’t forget about Kim Possible. Your DD will love it. At MK go to the left. knock out some rides before it gets too crowded and come back to the shops later in the day. There’s a lot more to do than what’s in the actual parks too. Check out Great planning tool.


ok - 1st of all WELCOME!!! No one to Questions.

  1. Which are all day affairs - they all could be EXCEPT Animal Kingdon b/c it closes at night. But definitely you need to experience MK and EPCOT during day and night. You could do all in one day or Park Hop. We VERY rarely stay in 1 park ALL Day - we may hit MK one day and then EPCOT at night or Vice-Versa or any other combination. Really just up to you. I am too ADD to stay in 1 place too long.

  2. To DO’s - I think you would be fine at MK doing Splash and Thunder Mountain, Everything at EPCOT except Soarin, Mission Space, and Test Trak. Also everything at HS except Tower, Star Wars, and Rockin Roller Coaster, and everything at AK except Everest. NOTE - If they are motion sickness prone rides like Soarin and Star Wars (inside rides) will be a catalyst for it…but the outside rides (even the coasters should be fine). If they are afraid of heights are the problem and not motion sickness then the other rides should be fine just no coasters EXCEPT Mission Space and Star Wars.

SIDENOTE - The Princess Breakfast is soooo much fun.


Welcome to here. I suggest you get organized and form a plan. I understand that is why you are asking for help here …

I recommend you purchase a copy of “The Unofficial Guide to WDW”. This is the most comprehensive book I have found on WDW. It will give you the information to begin ‘The Plan’.

My Next biggest and bestest tip is not to try and do everything in 4 days. Take it slow and savor everything. WDW will be there for future trips. And the Children will last longer and have better memories.


Welcome to Mousebuzz!!! :happy:

Magic Kingdom is definitely an “all-day” park, but you don’t have to stay there all day. My family likes to hit MK in the morning with EMH and then leave and go to a less crowded park. Then another day, we might head to MK for the evening parade and fireworks. We’re kind of ADD when it comes to park touring.

Each of the parks is a “morning” park for certain attractions, so I suggest that you start your morning in a different park each day. You might look at the EMH for guidance. And then you’d probably want your Epcot morning to be the same day as the Norway Princess Breakfast (which, by the way, is a very good choice!).

Morning attractions for us are as follows:

Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland attractions (in order according to how long the lines will get later in the day - Dumbo, Peter Pan’s Flight, Winnie the Pooh, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party). We like to hit the attractions that you can’t FP (like Dumbo) in the morning when there are no crowds. Right when the park opens is also a great time for Fantasyland because by noon, it will be packed!

Epcot: FP and ride Soarin’ (Maybe Test Track?.. there’s only one fast part. You might try it out for DH and DD)

Animal Kingdom: Kilamanjaro Safaris

Hollywood Studios: Toy Story Mania, I don’t know about RnRC and ToT for your DH and DD, but they’re also popular attractions

Good luck with your research, and post other questions as you have them! :happy:


Considering the age of your daughter my recommendations are a little different from every one else. When my DD was 5 she cared very little for Epcot except for a hand full of attractions. So I personally would do MK 2 full days and then split the other 3 up how ever you would like. is an AWESOME sight to help you plan also. Be sure to look for the hours on the WDW website and plan accordingly. We always do rope drops but we are morning people anyway. You’ve got plenty of time to come up with a good plan just taylor it to your families personality. Have a great time!


Welcome to mousebuzz, and yes go to allears for a lot of information.


I agree with MK 2 days. I like hitting DS first thing and head to Toy Story Mania. You could take a break and hit AK in the afternoon. Epcot can be all day, just depends on your child.


I’ve got to echo… the hoop skirt isn’t going to fit into a locker unless it folds.

But like Willbegone said, Epcot’s not going to have a lot to offer the littlest, depending especially on how tall she is… so it’d be easy to do the appropriate things at Epcot after breakfast, head back to the hotel to change out of the princess dress, and then head to wherever you’re planning to spend the rest of the day.

Definitely make use of Allears, and I recommend the Unofficial Guide to get familiar with their touring plans. You’re going at a very crowded time, you’ll need a plan!


Thank you everyone for the awesome advice, I was leaning toward two days at MK. I havent used allears before, but I know you are the experts so it must be a great tool. Thank you for the tips of rides to avoid due to ms, hopefully i can sneak off and atleast do one of the mountains while they are resting:mickey: More questions to come.

Christina :ariel:


I just wanted to say welcome to mousebuzz. You also might want to stop by guest relations and get your birthday girl a birthday button when you are on your trip.


I know this is probably common knowledge, but someone suggested be there at rope drop, what is that? Is it a special activity she can participate in? and do all the parks have one each morning?


Rope drop is when they actually open the park in the morning. You can get in the park but cannot go past a certain area. Each park has a little show to officially open the park for the day.


Welcome to MB!!

Rope drop at Magic Kingdom is a “show” that starts about 5 minutes before the park opens. It is a really neat way to start the trip, and they do a countdown 10, 9, 8, 7…etc. to the opening. Mickey and friends pull up on the train, and they have some singers and dancers do a little show. It’s one of our favorite parts of Disney. Each morning they pick a family at random that can participate in the ceremony.

Hollywood Studios also has a little show too…but it’s not as good (IMHO).

I’ve also heard that AK and Epcot do a show, but I’ve never made it there at opening…so I can’t comment!!

have a great time planning your trip!! It’s a big part of the fun!!


I’ve never thought of rope drop as the show, which btw they are awesome, but rather a section roped off inside the parks past the turnstills where CM’s drop the rope to continue going in even further. From this point you can see the shows in EP, HS and AK. In MK as well although they have sections (Lands)blocked off inside the park too and offer a special welcome once they let you enter those. Upon “dropping the rope” guests are able to get to some of the most popular rides, grab a FP, jump on the ride and come back later for the FP line. So basically, get there about 15-30 minutes minumum before park opens for a lil xtra magic.


There is an “Unofficial Guide to WDW with kids” and it is a great resource. I am personally relying heavily on ALLEARS myself. They cover everything!:mickey:


Ooooooooo this is so exciting. Rope drops and Character dinners, first encounters wit Mickey :mickey:and Minnie… I havent been to Disney in nearly 10 years and just the excitement of surprising my 4 year old wth her first Disney trip for her birthday I can hardly keep it to myself. This is a secret that is truly going to be hard to keep for another 6 months lol. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful.



WDW is Incredible - 6 months is not that far away