Need Help!


Ok so DH decided because this is dd’s last year as a “child” it is the year to go all out, so he wants to do the deluxe dining plan. We are going in february, the 1-8th at Carribean Beach Resort Pirates Room, and the 8th - 18th at rental house that we ALWAYS stay at…so I made most of our dining reservations, but we still have room for more…I am posting my list and you guys give me good suggestions for the openings! Thanks in Advance!
We have 21 meals options per person.
Feb 1st~ Check in around noon, eat at hotel for lunch, Dinner at O’Hana’s at 7:05
Feb 2nd~ Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s at 9:30 and Dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table at 5:20 (two meal options)
Feb 3rd~ Lunch at Sci Fi (always wanted to try) at 12:20 and dinner at Brown Derby at 6:40 (two options)
Feb 4th~ Breakfast at Donald’s (AK) at 10:00 am and dinner at 1900 Park Fare at 7:05
Feb 5th~ Breakfast at 9:05 at Askerhus, and dinner at Coral Reef at 5:30
Feb 6th~ Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare at 9:05 and late lunch/early dinner at LeCellier at 4:00 Should I do a dinner as well? Or should we do late dinner at the hotel restaurant?
Feb 7th~ need breakfast or lunch plan…and dinner at Hoop Dee Doo (two meals)
Feb 8th~ breakfast at O’hanas at 10:00 and need plans for dinner
Thanks for the help guys

If you see a spot where we should try and fit something in please let me know because we will have meals left…


really no one wants to help???


i want to help but we don’t really do adr’s. i’m a picky eater and eat whatever i’m in the mood for. so i would be useless lol


lol, most of the time…people ALWAYS have an opinion…


It’s not a hot spot but I personally love the Plaza Restaurant. Their sandwiches are great and large but their desserts are the high point.

Other than that you have hit all my favorites


You look well covered. I’ve been wanting to try Mickeys Back Yard BBQ and if you have the deluxe plan that would be a good time to try it. Your meals sound good but are you going to be able to walk around a park after all that food…lol. The pirates room looks great too, I wanted to try that but we have 5.


Your adr’s look good. We tried Sci-fi last time and loved it. We also liked 50’s prime time. Since you have Ohanas booked twice, why not use two credits and try the spirit of Aloha dinner show at the poly? or Mickeys Back yard BBQ (may be a seasonal show) we also liked Tusker house at AK and Marrakesh in Epcot. There is also DTD to consider. We tried Cap n Jacks…VERY BAD…the food was not good at all.

You didn’t say which parks you were going to be in each day either. I make my ADR base on whatever park has late EMH…then if we sleep in a little we can stay up late and thats where we eat dinner…sleeping in a bit makes me REALLY feel like i’m on vacation:)


You have some great adr’s on there, a few Id love to try! We always go to the Boma for a breakfast or dinner, its one of our favorites and would give you a chance to explore the resort and see the animals. If you go for the evening meal, you could even have a go at the night vision on the savannah, just check at conceriege the times, or you could curl up around the camp fire out back and listen to some wonderful stories. Crystal Palace for breakfast is a must too! Especially the earlierst hour possible, usually when theres an EMH because you can get some great pictures with an almost empty mainstreet!