Need help!


So we are due to go back for annual Thanksgiving week trip this year and I am so torn about which DVC to rent! We were leaning toward VWL because we’ve never stayed there. However, we really liked OKW this past year and SSR is getting that super cool new pool. Is VWL worth the extra $. Not sure if it will be a studio again or 2 bedroom (depends on if my parents go). The studios at OKW were a very nice size are the ones at VWL that much smaller? I just don’t know what to do.


Personally, I don’t think VWL are worth the extra money - lovely - but all the DVC properties have their charms. If you want to try something a little different - and if you can swing it - the “standard” view rooms at Boardwalk are a great deal. But - they can be hard to come by. Boardwalk is a great resort. You’ll won’t get a 2 bedroom the size of OKW at any of the other resorts. The newer they are, the smaller they seem to get. For a crowd, nothing can beat OKW.


If you want quiet I would go w/ VWL. That is why it is our favorite. If you want action go for an Epcot resort. The others fall in between for us.


Well, DH and DD trumped my hesitation, there argument was if we plan on trying every WDW resort then mom can’t hesitate and has to be adventurous. They are right, I’m a creature of habit once I find something I like I can just keep going back. Gotta try them all!