Need ideas for a birthday surprise


So I am trying to figure out something for our trip in 2016. We are hoping to be going with my parents. My DH and I were realizing that when we go it will be the year my Dad turns 70. That will be a huge deal for us since he will have outlived his Dad and older Brother Unlike them he has survived cancer so far. It will also be 20 years since I have gone with my parents and the first time our kids are going. Andrew will be almost 6 and Florie will be 8. Perfect ages for a first trip!

I am trying to think of something not super pricey that we can do as a totally different fun experience for all of us. Part of me was thinking of doing one of the boat rentals with a captain. Only problem is I’m not wanting to have something prebooked like that and then having rain and not being able to go or enjoy it. Not sure if it is something I can book when I get there.

But any way, I am open to all ideas… they will be staying at Fortwilderness and we are hoping to be at the Boardwalk.