Need info on BCV accommodation layout


Hi everybody, we just bought 150 points at BCV and I need some info on the accommodation layout of BCV. We have never stayed here before, and I see the 2 bedroom villa can be made up of a 1 bedroom villa and a studio or it can be a dedicated 2 bedroom layout where the 2nd bedroom has two double beds.

How comfortable is the couch in the second bedroom, we have two kids and I can see a problem with who sleeps on the couch. How easy is it to get a villa where the second bedroom has two double beds? What is your experience?

Is there a section/rooms in the resort that are better to stay because of proximity to services or a better view of the resort layout or the view of fireworks from Epcot or MGM.

Any advise or suggestions to improve the experience is greatly appreciated.



We just got back from BCV and my DD (28 yr) had no problem sleeping on the bed. The thing I didn’t like was the metal frame around the outside of the bed. I couldn’t sit on the side of the bed.

However, I love the BCV. When we stayed there in early Oct, booking at 7 months we had a choice of lockout or dedicated. So I would think as your home resort, you would have no problem booking a dedicated at the 11 month point.

I don’t know the layout that well to say certain areas are better than others. I just know I can be home in 5 min after the fireworks at Epcot, that’s enough to make me happy.


My family also stayed at BCV in early October, and it is truly a great place to stay at WDW. The pool (Stormalong Bay) and the location can’t be beat. Our balcony (or just from the rooms with the curtains opened) offered a great view of the Epcot fireworks. We were on the second floor in room 220. If you look at a map of the resort area, this room was on the opposite side from the BCV pool (Dunes Cove) and between the two wings that kind of poke out to the south and southeast. Any of the rooms in this area should give a good view of the Epcot fireworks, but this would be diminished somewhat if you were in the longer wing sticking out towards the southeast (so that your room faced to the southwest). We couldn’t see anything of MGM from the room, and I don’t imagine you could from anywhere in the BCV.

As for the sofa bed, it was a very comfortable bed, but it was not a very comfortable couch (just way to hard). It was different kind of sofa bed than I’ve ever seen, and it didn’t have the problem with the uncomfortable bar right in the middle of your lower back like most do.


I’ll post a couple of pics from the balcony…

You could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance during the day, and at night…well, you can see that for yourself.


Try I think Deb has pictures of the rooms and layout.


Thank you all for the information, MamphoDisney Dad thank you for the pictures much appreciated.



Our first choice is always a room on a high floor, regardless of view. Otherwise we feel like we are in a fishbowl.

We prefer the Epcot view, though it is slightly noiser than the opposite side due to the street between BCV and Epcot. Not bad at all, but if you want quiet go with the rooms on the opposite side. We had room #557 last trip (1 bedroom) and it was great. I’ll post a picture later this AM.

The pull out couch was brand new. My 17yo slept there and loved it.

Remember to take the back route to Ecpot instead of traveling through the hotel lobby. It is a shorter walk - but neither is really long.

There is a second elevator closer to the parking lot near the quiet pool. Remember that one when you are coming in that way.


Can you swim in Stormalong Bay if you are staying in BCV?



The Beach Club also has 2 other “quiet pools” that are available. One is near the parking lot for the BCV and the other is tucked away in a secret location. :whistling


Elmo - thanks for the great inside tips, what do you mean by feeling like you are in a fishbowl? Sounds like this is home resort.

Thanks for the info.



BCV is our home resort.

By fish bowl - I mean when I am on the first floor. We dislike being on the first floor where folks are walking by all the time. Like we are a display window.

Location is important and the Beach Club in #1 IMHO.

Some other tips:

When walking to Ecpot, we take the “low road” closest to the water. You avoid walking up and over the hill. Not a big deal until we are pushing the double stroller.

We’ve also found it is quicker (and more enjoyable) to walk to Disney Studios. Not big on the “slow boat to MGM”.

The pool - nothing to add on that one. :laugh:

If you folks who like to fish - I’ve seen people catch huge fish just off the walkway from the parking lot to the BCV.

Remeber to say Good Morning to the Airel statue each day. Our tradition!

The view from room 557: