Need info on WL rooms


So, we bumped our trip from 12/3/06-12/9/06 up to the following week of 12/10/06-12/16/06. I thought it may be a little quieter if we weren’t there for the parade taping and mousefest. But anyways…

…I never get a room with a view. Unfortunately, when I changed our reservation for WL, the standard rooms were all taken so I was forced into a woods view room, with a bump in price of almost $250. Oh well, not the end of the world.

But now, I know there are rooms on the 5th and 6th floors that are supposed to have a great view of the castle and the fireworks. Does anyone know what are good rooms for me to request that would offer that view? I read in the Unofficial guide that rooms 6604-6030 offer great fireworks views, but I don’t know if they are “woods view rooms.”

I figure, if I pay for the view, I want the best one I can get! Any ideas on what to request?


The best person to ask this to is Disney Teacher. She has stayed there quite a few times. I have stayed there only once and stayed with a courtyard view.


I just stayed there in Feb. with a woods view. We were on the 4th floor and could watch the fireworks every night. I can’t rememnber our room number. Hold on I’ll find it.


We were on the fifth floor, something like 56something, and you’ll have to search for a post of mine in the last few weeks to see a picture I too from the balcony of the castle and Contemporary.


Disneyteacher, where are you? I thought you were the WL authority??? Need advice, please!! (kneels on floor begging before computer monitor…) :slight_smile:


:laugh: Hey, no need to beg!

I’ve never had a woods view but I believe that you can get a view of MK with a woods view. You will want to be on the Artist Point/WCC side of the resort as high as you can get. We had a courtyard view last summer and we were about half way down the U shape over looking the pool and I could easily see the higher fireworks over the other side of the lodge roof. Any room across form us would have had an even better view.

If you want a good view have that request added to your reservation. You may not get it but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, ask about it as soon as you start checking in.