Need opinion on LeCellier


I made ADR in April for dinner at LeCellier. We’ve never been there & I basically made the ADR because the disney rep talked about how wonderful it is. My question, should I keep the reservation? It looks like nothing exciting for my two kids ages 12 and 8. I heard it’s like a very dark cellar. How is the food? Can the kids get something simple like chicken nuggets, pizza? Not sure they’d eat the cheese soup or some of those fancy dishes.


Le Celier is one of the most popular WDW restaurants right now. The food is good and we’ve always had great service. My son is the pickiest eater and he always finds something to eat (fries and carrots) so I wouldn’t worry about your kids.

Have you looked over the menu?

Le Cellier Dinner Menu - Canada - Epcot

Le Cellier Children’s Menu - Canada Pavilion


Thanks for the menus. I looked them over before but somehow I must’ve missed the children’s one.


My kids (5 & 8) love it - the pretzel breads, steaks for my daughter and they put together a great fruit platter for my 5yo future vegeterian (he prefers a salad to chicken nuggets!).

For the adults, we’ve had some of the best food here and the service is consistantly great.

I think it is a keeper.


we loved it - my girls (4 &7) asked to go there next trip when we were discussing dining options!

i really didn’t think it was that dark, btw


It’s not all that dark, really. And the food is excellent. Both my kids ate happily there, and they’re quite picky eaters. Whenever we go, I make a point of eating there when we’re in Epcot.


One of our favorite places to eat. Everyone - including ‘picky, picky DD’ and ‘picker yet DN’ found something they enjoyed. It is really a very nice restaurant with excellent food and terrific wait staff. Am sad :sad: I could not book dinner on 12/12 as they are totally out of dinner reservations at any time that day. We will try for lunch another day of vacation as no trip to WDW is complete without a meal at LeCellier IMHO.


Wow! I think I’ll keep the reservation. We’ve got a good time so when we are done the fireworks should be starting and Epcot is also open late that night.


:wub:I love the Creme Brulee @ Le Cellier! You will most definetly have to try it!


I have a four year old and he loves Le Cellier. They have the same kids menu as the rest of WDW. As for the adults make sure your a meat eater. Steak is the prime attraction. I ususally go because DH loves it.


We love it, but there are other places we like better. To me the food is the same I could get at a steakhouse back home (minus the cheese soup).


LOVE LE CELLIER!!! The cheese soup, bread, steak, and creme brulee!! OMG!!! My mouth is now watering.


It’s one of our favorites too!! Unfortunately, we can’t get in there for our next trip - booked up solid! I’m gonna keep trying though!!!


I’ve never been to Le Cellier, either, but I’ve heard such great things about it and the menu looks sooo good - I keep calling every day to see if I can get a last-minute ADR for next week, but so far no such luck. :closedeye


The ‘old’ reviews of LeCellier called it a dark cellar (apparently with some veracity). A few years ago things changed and LeCellier has become the hottest ticket in Epcot. Partly this is because it is one of the best bargains on the meal plan. We’ve eaten there twice and it’s excellent. The problems your kids might have (most of ours did at one time or still do) are the same for most of the nice TS restaurants in the World.


DH & I go to WDW every December and Le Cellier is a must for us on each trip. Last year, we had a small family gathering (Sis, DBIL, 2 nephews 13 & 15 - special needs & 18 yr. old niece) Everyone absolutely raved about the place. My D Brother-in-law was so impressed with the quality of the food and the great service that he took the time to write a letter complimenting the staff and the food. Greatest wine you will ever find. You can also purchase the wine by the bottle in the gift shop and bring it home, which is what we did last yr.



Prior to this year, we were unable to book ADR for LeCellier in each of the last four years.

This year, my wife called first thing in the morning on our 6 month mark. We had dinner there on September 11, 2008. Our 8 year old son had the chedder cheese soup, and pasta.

My wife and I had the filet. It absolutly melted in our mouths. Our son loved his “kids,” meal.

The Chef, this night, was from Scranton Pennsylvania. He came to our table to review our son’s food allergies.

My vote is to keep the ADR. You will not be sorry!!!


I have to agree with EVERYONE else…keep the ADR! My favorite meal in all the World…and I’m not just talking about Walt Disney World!!! :laugh:

There is DEFINITELY enough for kids to choose from there. And no worries about it being too “dark”. I think that is only said because there are NO windows in the place at all. But I would not call it DARK by any means. Go. Enjoy. :happy:


we loved it …one of our favoriteds in epcot is the fench cafe …great service and good food …but le cellier was great also and fantastic service


We absolutely love LeCellier. It is a must do everytime now. DS is the pickiest eater I know and he loves it too. Please don’t cancel your reservation!