Need opinions--book now or wait?


just wanted to get some opinions… should we book our airfare (for end of september) now? or should we hold out a couple more months?

(cheapest I can find right now is $217 pp (r/t)…)


It depends on the company. If Southwest drops it’s fare, they will credit you the difference. From where are you flying? That sounds a pretty good price.


we’re leaving from Newark (NJ) and i checked out southwest’s website and unfortunatly they don’t have a hub in newark.

(217 was from jetblue)–

last year we flew continential and paid $178 pp but we bought the vacation package 45 days before we left…


I see SW is now offering $54 (each way) out of Philly. Is that worth the drive?


that is a good price.
philly is a 2 1/2 hr-3 hr dr for us…

but i’ll check with the in-laws (since they are traveling with us) and find out if they want to drive.

thanks boss mouse!!