Need opinions


I am taking DBF to Disney in January for an “adult only” Disney trip. Our compromise is two days of parks and 2 days of “whatever”. John is not the Disney freak I am, but wants to go and embrace my passion for Disney World.

We need a one-bedroom villa. We are creatures of VERY different sleeping habits and I will be working while there, so separate spaces are necessary. We have been to Old Key West and loved it, but I am dying to try something new while it’s just the two of us. I really want to WOW him in hopes he wants to go back again next January, but longer…lol

I am torn between saving money and going to OKW or SSR or splurging a touch and going to either Boardwalk or Beach Club. John need a gym and access to golf. I only need gym and wifi…lol We both want a laid-back place where we can kick back and drink it up.



DH and I loved Beach Club last Feb. it does have the gym, but he will have to travel for the golf. If the weather is nice BC does have a great pool.


I’d vote for SSR or the Boardwalk. For drinking it up, you can’t beat being able to walk to DTD or the World Showcase. If I remember from past trip reports, Dana, you aren’t a fan of cramming on the buses at park close, right? If that is true, than you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being able to walk from World Showcase. I knew I would enjoy having that access but had no idea how wonderful it really would be to watch Illuminations, linger around for a bit and then have a nice leisurely stroll back to the resort.

Plus that area has a million little tucked away bars. I love the Belle Vue Room at the Boardwalk but Martha’s Vineyard at the Beach Club is nice too.


If he wants golf, the most sensible would be OKW or SSR - of the two I’d go with OKW - love that resort. But I chose Boardwalk - knowing you I know you won’t care about Stormalong Bay and there is just something really nice and adult about the Boardwalk Villas. Plus - if you’re really lucky - you’ll be able to get a “standard view” suite which overlooks the front lawns. It’s a beautiful view and a real bargain. Personally, if I had to choose between it and a Boardwalk view I’d take the standard. Boardwalk views can be noisy.


I’ve voted Boardwalk - not that I’ve stayed at any on the list, but if I wanted to win someone over to Disney I think Boardwalk has it all.


I can give you a great review of Boardwalk . . . in February, that is when our stay is booked. We have not been there but it seems to get the best reviews on all the different sites. Of course, if Golf is your thing OKW seems to be the way to go. I could not decide between the two and we are splitting our stay.


Another vote for Boardwalk. I thought it would be beneficial for you to be between two parks with easy access, not wasting any time with transportation. Plus, isn’t HS your favorite park? So, looking at location, BCV and BW were your two choices, and I just felt BW was more adult. A lot of people like BCV because of Stormalong Bay. That usually means more kids. What a great idea. I hope he enjoys the trip!


Since you are only doing two park days, I’d say BCV. easy access to two parks. Don’t know much about gyms and stuff.

It’s not on your list but sometime you need to try AKV Kidani. We stayed at a one bedroom savanna view and was floored at the room. The master bath is almost as big as the bedroom.

But on such a short trip, BCV.


I vote SSR. I absolutly LOVE that place. It is a great place to relax and has the best feel for just to chill. I can"t wait to go there again!!!


I am a Yacht & Beach Club fanatic, they are my favorite resort ( other then the Poly that is ).

Beach Club gets you the pool, fine dining, and close entrance to EPCOT ( the adult playground ).

Now that I don’t get to go to much I like to splurge when I can.



Thanks!! I appreciate all the suggestion. I wonder if it would be worth it to rent points, so I can get the DDP?

Does anyone know how many points that would be?


I look up points charts at


A 1 bedroom at SSR in January is about 178 points if you go Sat to Sat. Friday and Sat nights are 29 points each night and the rest of the nights are 24 points. OKW is 26 points for Fri and Saturday nights and 21 points for each of the rest. BC is 31 on Fri and Sat and 27 points for the rest of the nights. Boardwalk is 31 on Sat and Fri and 28 for the rest for a boardwalk view and 27 for Fri and Sat and 20 for the rest of the nights for a standard view. Hope this helps.


That was super helpful. Thank you. It’s actually cheaper (if I find the right deal) to rent points over getting discount. hmmm. Thank you again.:wub:


Anytime we don’t camp at FW we are renting points. We only have done studios, but can usually get them sometimes almost as cheap at a value (only Sun-Thurs).


I vote for Boardwalk. We had an opportunity to stay ther last August and loved it. We were right over Big River Grill. If he will be playing and you have to work, this is a good place for you not to be able to see all the fun going on, but still be IN the World. The convenience to Epcot and Hollywood Studios is perfect. Laid back, but wonderful.


Board walk or Beach Club, they offer a great experiance.


Good point.:heart:


Boardwalk. It seems like the most Adult Fun Resort with the bonus of being in between two major parks. Also because that’s #1 on my WDW Bucket list and until it happens I know i’ll be able to experience it through your TR after you return :wink:.


We love Boardwalk! Lots of fun on the Boardwalk, and pretty decent rooms too!