Need park maps


I am planning my family’s Trip and it’s a surprise. My Mom and I will announce it at Christmas as their gift, with trip binders. I want to include park maps in the announcement binders but have none saved from past trips. Is anyone going that would be willing to pick up 4 maps each from Epcot, MK, and HS? I’d happily pay to have you mail them to me. Or, anyone have a better idea? TIA!


Tara -

I have official maps (agent ones) that have all four parks on one really cool page that can be folded into fours. PM me your addy and I’ll send them out.


You can order beautiful maps from the website. These are frame worthy—not the brochure type we get at the park. They are free. You can either print them out yourself or order them to be sent to your home.

Just an option. I would be happy to pick the park brochures up if I were going.


Thanks Dana! I’ll shoot my addy your way now.


Got it, done - mailing out tomorrow.