Need photo ideas


I want to really do a neat scrapbook after our trip in September. Beside the normal pictures what are some different ideas you have. Will I look like a fool if I take pictures at the airport (since this is my first time flying) and then I thought of taking a picture of our town car driving holding the sign with our name on it…is that crazy?

What are some other ideas of pictures I should take?


No I took hundreds of pictures during this last trip. I say take as many pictures as you can then sort through them when you get home. You would be surprised how some of the pictures you think are hokey or stupid are the ones that really bring a scrapbook to life and bring back the best memories.

Besides if anyone thinks you’re a fool it doesn’t matter, you’re never going to seem them again for the rest of your life! LOL


Not crazy at all.
Grumpmaster, I take a ton of pics and at times the family gets crancky, but bertter believe they want to see the pics down the road.


Who cares what anyone thinks if you take pics in the airport? You are going to DISNEY!!! Besides, we want to see everything in the TR. So, I’m thinking you should be taking pictures of darn near everything!!! :wink:


You mean there are people that don’t take pictures at the airport and the car that picks them up? :huh: I take pictures of almost everything! Lobby of hotel, hallways, entry way to room, bathroom in room…food if it’s presented nicely. Ducks on the grass…Just have fun with it and don’t care what others think. You are gonna be the one having lots of fun and having the pictures to remember it all! :happy:


I agree…take pictures of EVERYTHING. I even make DH pull over at the entrance to the resort and I get out so that I can get a good picture of the sign!!


Take as many pictures of as many things as you can! Food, CMs, hotel room, buses…whatever you want!
We took a bunch of pictures of DH, DS and I wearing silly hats (there’s no shortage of silly hat opportunities at WDW!)
You can never have too many pictures of WDW!!!


We always take a picture of our hotel room door, elevator door, hallway, etc. Airport photos are no sillier than that. Also got busdriver and DS at last trip on ME.


I take pictures in the airport all the time! I even take them on the plane. In fact, one of my favorite pictures from my last DLR trip was taken on the plane! Thats the great part about digital cameras, you don’t have to worry about wasting film!


There’s a rule of thumb while taking pics for your Disney vacation:


Have fun and take pics of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!! :cool:


Yes definitely take pictures with hats and antannaes on (I have minnie antannaes that I love!) And look at it this way, you can try on so many hats, get all the pictures with them on, and you don’t have to buy them! But, if you didnt want to buy one right away, and you have a digital camera, all you have to do is scroll through the pictures and see which one you the like the best, and go back and buy it!

I say start some sort of picture tradition. That way, every year you can take the same kind of picture. Examples: Kids in front of a certain tree or fountain, the family with ice cream or popsicles, dinner at a certain restaurant, pictures of the the family members pointing to the sign of their favorite ride, do air guitar in front of RnR and take a picture, the ideas are endless really.

Have fun with pictures. Do you really think you can look stupid while other grown ups are walking around wearing Goofy hats, and while Dads are forced to carry their little princess’ pink purse? You can’t. So have fun.

I always take pictures of just about every float in every parade. The AK parade is particularly good because everything is bright colors. I also like the MK parade.

Here is a list I found of “must take” photos at WDW


Those are some great ideas! Thanks Kittie!


No problem. I’m looking for more, because I too love taking pictures. I’m always the one taking them, rather than the person who is in them :laugh: I’ll post more ideas if I find any.


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Don’t feel weird or crazy about it at all. With the millions of tourists they see every year I hardly doubt they would even blink and eye to it. As far as scrapbooking goes, I like to save things from my trip like resort maps, the Disney credit card room keys, colorful postcards, etc… These are all nice things to include in your book beyond just the photos.

Check out your local Rag Shop, Michael’s, Joann Fabrics, even Wal-Mart… they all have BIG scrapbook departments that are sure to give you ideas.

Have fun!


I just found the mother of all photo links!!! It gives you photo tips and possible shots.

Also, I remembered one picture I got of the castle that turned out so well. I basically sat down on the ground and took a picture of the castle from that perspective. It’d be even more interesting if you laid down and took the picture. Perspective can make pictures so much better. Straight on shots are great for some things, but they’re also boring sometimes. Oh and always take more pictures than you need.


Er… I would make sure it is OK with the airport before taking pics there. I think on the plane should be OK, but due to security issues over the last few years, there are some airports that frown on taking pictures at the airport itself – the best thing would be to check with the airport.



I haven’t taken a picture inside the plane yet but I want to. However I have pictures of everything I can think of. Then I get home and think why didn’t I get a picture of …

People do look at me sometimes as I even take pictures of our food. Oh well - I want to remember everything! Life is to short and to precious - snap away and have a blast!