Need points for 1 bdrm 3/23 thru 3/28


Looking for points for 1 bedroom suite at any resort (prefer WL but not picky) for Easter week. Can go anytime between 3/21 with check out by 3/28 for 5 or 6 nights. Thanks!


I sent you a PM :laugh:


My friends mother in law is purchasing 600 points at AKV today! By tomorrow, if you don’t get it, let me know. She is getting 600 bonus points (:ohmy: ) so she will DEFINITELY have some to rent! :laugh:


$60,000 in DVC?? She must be loaded :laugh: :laugh: :eek:


Your NEW BFF?!?! :laugh:

I’ve got points to rent also. May be little late for Easter though. It’s second to Christmas/New Years for peak.

PM or email me.