Need some advice on what resort for us we should book


Ok, so, I am planning for next May and want to stay onsite this time instead of using my moms timeshare, if possible. There will be 4 of us and we are planning on 7-9 days. I want to stay at SSR or BC but I am not sure I want to have all of us in the same room for that many days without another room to take a break in. We are used to a 2bedroom 2 bath when we book her timeshare and the cost is reasonable with plenty of space to spread out in. Also, I was thinking 2 moderates for space purposes, but money wise, I am not sure if I can do that for that many days. I am left with Pop, which I do like but was wanting a moderate or something that would fit us with space to spare. Any suggestions? please?


Have you done one of the family rooms at a value? I have heard that they are a little bigger.


That was a thought. Do you know how much they are a night?


Rates & Room Types | Disney’s All-Star Music Resort | Walt Disney World Resort

This is information for All Star Music suite. Maybe they will have a discount of special at that time of year.


Wow, $190 / night for a room that sleeps 6 doesn’t seem so bad considering it is on Disney property.


Really doesn’t at all! I just HATE the bus system at the Value’s. (Excluding POP) POP’s buses are wonderful. The All-Star buses were terrible both times we stayed there. NEVER AGAIN! :pinch:



Don’t forget it comes with a fridge and microwave and 2 bathrooms. I would love to stay at one of the mods too but that will not happen this time and may not for many years to come. I am looking forward to seeing how they are when we stay in Aug. Even the nice cabins do not have 2 baths and are more then the family suites. When my DH and I stayed there we did not have trouble with the buses and only had to wait at night to get back.


we stayed one night at at the family site … we really liked it. ours had a bedroom with a door that closed . a pull out couch and a chair that turned into a single bed… we dont need that much room anymore but would stay there again.