Need some help deciding


I have reservations for Narcoossee’s on our first night at the world.We have never been, so now I 'm not sure if its worth the 2 credits for dinner. Should I do it or do a regular table service and maybe a breakfast buffet later in the week? Any help is greatly appreciated.


I personally have never been but for 2 TS I rather go to Hoope De doo and CRT. Check out the menu on allears and see if they have anything you like.


Yes, Narcoossee’s is worth two credits, but do your math just to be sure.
That is, look at the menu on All Ears. If it looks like you won’t get your money’s worth out of two credits, I’d pay the meal there out of pocket and use the two credits for two other sit down meals. Personally I think using sit down credits for breakfast, even character buffets, is a waste because you’re not getting maximum value for your money.

CRT is really a waste of two credits because of the forced photo package that’s included with your meal.
Back to Narc’s, if you’re on the deluxe dining plan which includes appetizer, entree, and dessert, then it really is worth the two credits.
Narcoossee’s is one of my favorites.

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World
Narcoossee’s - Grand Floridian - Dinner Menu


We loved Narcoossee’s.:wub: We had dinner there last February and had a fantastic meal, one of the best of the trip I might add. The lobster was excellent and the cheesecake is now one of our favorites. Here are a few photos from our dinner that you can check out:


Personally I think there are too many one table credit resturants you can have dinner, a really good dinner, like Le Cellier or Chefs de France or Boma. I hate using two credits unless its for a show like hoop-de-doo.
Also, Wave, the new resturant at Contem. has had great reviews.
Like Soundgod said, check out the menus and see what is best for your taste.


Thank you everone for your input, especially the photos (food looks great)and menu links. I do agree that there are lots of great table sevice restaurants to choose from, but I think we are going to try Narcoossee’s for something a little bit more. We are already doing Hoop de Doo and Spirit of Aloha and agree that they are worth the 2 credits, I really hope Nacs turns out the same in our eyes. So far it looks like it will. Thanks again for the help.


Narc’s is an abbreviation I just decided to start using this week. I’ve never seen it before, but I’ve gotten a little tired of typing out the whole word “Narcoossee’s” so often in my posts.
I don’t know if it will catch on and I’m not even sure if I like it. But there it is.

By the way, I’ve read plenty of mixed reviews of the luau here and a lot of people seem to be disappointed by it. As always, your mileage will vary and I’ve never been tempted to try.


Those Photos look delicious! What was that dessert, Maple Creme Brulee?


Key Lime creme brulee.
It’s delicious and a house specialty.


If you book an ADR during Wishes you can go out on the patio and watch the show. They pipe in the music and the staff can time you meal and not deliver anything while you are outside watching.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;964451]Key Lime creme brulee.
It’s delicious and a house specialty.[/QUOTE]

Yes, yes it was delicious!:wub: As was the cheesecake!:wub::wub:

Also, timing for fireworks is another bonus to having dinner at Narc’s…oh look SG, it has caught on, you trend setter you!:laugh::wink:

I hope you enjoy your dinner there as much as we did Dave.:happy:


Looking forward to it mickeymotto. Thanks again for all the advice!!! Really want to time it for the fireworks . What time should the adr be for? We have early reservation right now but hopefully we can get them for later to enjoy them.


Wow! Those look yummy! And I’m starving right now and have no idea what I’m going to make for supper. Too bad I can’t head over to Narcoossee’s for some of this stuff!:laugh:


I agree, Narcooseee’s is worth 2 TS credits. In fact, we ususally do several doubles, but this trip, Narc’s is the only one. It is great food with exceptional service - dont forget the water parade that goes right by, then Wishes. I think our reservations have been in the 7-8pm range to hit both the water parade and Wishes.

The children’s menu, if you are taking kids, is also exceptional, and also worth 2 of their credits. They really treat the children exceptionally well, not as many servers treat children. We absolutely love Narcoosee’s. Enjoy!


Our ADRs were for around 8, but check the schedule for the dates you will be there to time them just right.

Walt Disney World park hours, fireworks and parade times, Disney World park hours


I tried the cheesecake the last time there and agree. But I’m a sucker for almonds and cherry anything.


We are eating there on August 23rd. It looks like the wishes fireworks are at 10:00pm . This is late for my daughter. Im not sure about the water parade. I would say around 9:30 maybe? Not sure what to do. My current adr is for 6:00.


Dave, if it were me (and you’re not) I’d make my reservation for 8:30 and catch both the water parade at about 9 ish and Wishes at 10 and then head straight for the monorail so I could transfer to the POR bus at the MK. Or I’d just grab the launch, which is a lot closer than the monorail and boat back to the MK (stopping at the Poly first). In fact, the launch would be less walking on both ends than the monorail. Even an 8 PM reservation would work because even after you finish your meal, you can still watch Wishes from the deck around Narc’s and also hear the soundtrack for the show.
Then again, if it were me, I’d eat at 6 or 7, skip the water parade and watch Wishes from Town Square and then high tail it out of the MK as soon as Wishes ends.
But I’m the childless fireworks nut here, not you.
But whatever you do, just keep in mind that there is no direct bus from one resort to another, so you’d have to transfer at a park or DTD no matter what.


Does Narc’s have a show or anything? I"ve never been there. As far as being worth 2 credits, I feel if you enjoy yourself and the meal is excellent then it would be worth it.


It’s a signature restaurant right on Seven Seas Lagoon with an MK view.
If you look at the prices, you’ll see why it, along with Jiko, Citrico’s, Cali Grill, Flying Fish, and Yachtsman’s are all 2 credits without having a show or presentation.