Need some help


Now that I know I can go forward with my plans (yeah new job!) to go to WDW in August, I have a dilema. Because I have not been working for three weeks, I have to cut my budget a hair. DD will not fly no matter what, so we are definately driving. My issue is that my car is starting to do quirky things as it’s at it’s maintaince stage. This makes me nervous. If that car craps out on the road, our trip is ruined. Which is best…

  1. Drive the car anyway so you can have max spending money and enjoy your road trip with your DD.

2.) cut my spending money and take a rental car. If something happens on the road, the rental place will replace the car and we can just enjoy the trip.

Rental is going to cost me $411 for 14 days. That is a mear $30 a day out of my spending money for piece of mind. Do you think it’s worth it?


Maybe take that $400 to get your car looked at? I don’t know.

  1. I would deffinitely not fly and not tell DD til the last minute…if she freaks out, this could ruin the whole trip. Remember she’ll have to fly home also and that might be the only thing on her mind while in WDW.

  2. I would bring your car to the service place, or to whomever services your car and have them look at it. It might only need minor repairs, which you will have to have done when you get back anyway. If it is to expensive and you would think it is better to wait or your the service person thinks you could have a problem on the way to Florida, then I would rent a car.


Hey Dana,
Being just under 5 hrs away we could deal w/ a car breakdown. Or we would take Pam’s truck so I might be looking at this differently than you.

1: Fly- I understand about the fear factor. Oldes DD was nervous until we told her she could stay home one summer while DS went and visited w/ the grandparents in NJ nad RI. She got over it. It would also remove the car issue from hanging over the trip. You are also starting a new job and you don’t want to break down on the way back and be delayed showing up at work. I remember you noted in a previous thread that your car needed repairs. With the job issue tightening the budget I would count the car out.
2: Lease- Therer are lots of deals out there. Keep checking.
3: Drive your car- But only if it is good from a mechanical standpoint.

If you decide to drive (yours or a lease) collect and keep handy numbers for all of us MB’rs along the I-95 corridor. We can always lend a hand or help with a suggestion if you a run into trouble on your ‘Wild and Crazy Mother/Daughter Trip’. :laugh:


Dunno Dana…I’m kinda with Andrea. Can u not get the car looked at now requesting a estimate of costs before any works commence ? Only if you’re going to spend $400 on a rental , that cash may just be the right amount on your repairs? After all, when vacation is over, the fault(s) on your car will still be there and will still need addressing . No? X


I’m going with if its $30.00 a day out of the spends, then for peace of mind and reliability I’d take the rental. But then I’m a worry wort!


As am I. The car does need some maintaince, but I don’t know if I can get it all done before the trip and there is still a chance that something could go wrong. At least if I have a rental, if something breaks or I get a flat, someone will fix/repair/replace without it costing us spending money. I am looking at the $30 a day like insurance money. Besides, I have almost 80K miles on my car…do I really wanna put that much more on it? This thing has to last me at least three more years. All that being said, I’ll have someone I trust take a really good look at it and see what they think before I spend this extra money. Thanks guys.


I was kidding about the flying part BTW…I would never do that to her.


I’m agreeing with most here. Take the car in for an assessment and maintenance. I’m sure if there is something wrong it can be fixed by August. I know you’ve had so much on your plate right now, and car repairs aren’t in your agenda, but you still have to know if it needs maintenance anyway - you still have to drive it at home.

And I definitely wouldn’t “surprise” Sara with flying…that could ruin your whole trip. (I think she’s looking forward to the car trip with you).


I would have the car looked at and find out what needs to be done. You have a new job, you need a reliable form of transportation for that as well as driving the long distance to Disney. I also think you will have plenty of time between now and Disney to have your car worked on. You could use the cost of a rental car towards something else, I am sure! :slight_smile:

If you are still worried about the car breaking down after having it looked at/checked out, join AAA.


Lots of pros for just getting the car fixed. Definately going to have it looked at and see what’s needed. I did just get 4 new tires not even a month ago, so that’s one thing not needed.


Do you have AAA? If you don’t you might want to get it before your trip. It’s not that expensive to join AAA and you do get discounts at hotels and restaurants, and it will also give you peace of mind on your trip if something happens to your car, they will come out and help you.


I will second, third, and forth the notion of joining AAA, it is the best purchase we’ve made for peace of mind in a few years!! Just knowing we have the service has gotten us to become a little more adventurous towards traveling to places we may not have in the past for fear of car trouble.


I am with Dixie. I would be frazzled with every noise I though I heard, Fl is far from NJ


Dana I definitely vote for the rental if all the repairs are too much… we are in the same situation . our car has over 200,000 miles on it and we just did a major overhaul… transmission you name it. but i’m still worried about taking it in September… we are looking at buying a new one but just don’t have the down payment right now.


Do you use the car while at Disney? If not, you could save money by renting it for the drive down and returning it in Orlando, then renting again for the drive home.


AAA isn’t necessary. My insurance policy (nationwide) has full road-side in case something goes wrong. My issue wasn’t the something going wrong, it’s the paying for the something going wrong with my precious disney money. I just don’t want a vacation starting off with something horrible. My engine is an interference engine, so it would only take a belt to break to make something simple turn into hundreds of dollars in labor. I just don’t think I am willing to gamble on this…have to see what the mechanic says when I have him take a peek at it, but I think I am leaning toward the rental option.


Any chance you can borrow a car from family? we borrow MIL’s van for our trips - they enjoy getting to help us out & we enjoy peace of mind (our van has 150K and we won’t chance it out of state).

I voted rent a car, but if you can talk Sara into it - FLY!


I agree 100%! Get AAA.

But I have to disagree with most everyone in this thread. I would definitely go with the rental car option. I always rent a car if the drive is more than 6 hours round trip no matter what. Why put all of those miles on your vehicle?

Plus, if the rental car breaks down, they will give you another one. It is really “stress free” to go the rental car route. And why add additional stress to your fantastic vacation? It’s stressful enough just to drive “long distances” you know?

And all I know is that whenever I take my SUV into the “shop”, it ALWAYS costs me $500 - $1,500. I can never get out of there under that amount. Thats the downside of having a vehicle in that “maintenance” stage where you have to “replace” all of the original parts. Tires here, water pump there, new A/C, you get the idea. But it sure beats “car payments”! :cool:

And if you do go the “rental” route, make sure to look for a fuel efficient model! That way you can save some $$ on gas…

Good luck Dana…


Well as luck would have it my engine light came on and wen to my local auto parts store to have the code read. It’s was a transmission sensor. Of course because I drive a suzuki, they didn’t have the part. I called the place I bought the car from and they had the sensor and could take me right away. I had them do a full check of the vehicle while they had it. Believe it or not, the car is in great shape. Other than the suggesting to change the water pump and timing belt for preventative reasons, there is nothing wrong with the vechile and was deemed safe to drive to Florida. I am going to have MY mechanic do the water pump and timing (1/4 of the price…dealer wanted $646!!!) and just drive it down there. If anyone was going to suggest other things on the car to be repaired, it would have been them since they already had the car in the shop and had no clue I had no intention of paying their disgusting prices. So, I guess it’s all good afterall. I have the full road side through my insurance…if something goes wrong, I guess it will work out. The rental is going to be tough to factor in since I just paid $240 for this stupid sensor.