Need Some Ideas


Okay all you artistic, crafty, creative people out there. We are going to MNSSHP for the first time and my boys (16 yrs and 19 yrs) have informed me that participating in dressing up in a costume is not going to happen. So the compromise was negotiated. They agreed to wear t-shirts that have a Disney/Halloween theme. I’m surprised that that is even going to happen. So, here’s where I need help. I have ZERO creativity. I need to come up with some funny halloween saying that can maybe sneak in a little Disney theming that a teenage boy would wear? Hope I’m not asking for too much, but I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and have come up with nothing. So, thought I’d check in with those who think its a breeze to come up with this kind of stuff.

Thanks for your help in advance!!!



See Wall!!! When you have teenage boys in the house, your mind gets frazzeld! I totally forgot about your design. I’ll show it to the boys tonight. Thanks for reminding me!


Hey Wall, I too LOVE this design how can I get some for my family with that design?


Nice T-Shirts. I like all of them.



I saw a really cute group idea at our last MNSSHP. All members of the group had a different type of Disney card on their shirts…one was a gift card, one was a key to the world another was a annual pass and the final one was a Disney Visa.

Just another idea because I REALLY like Wall’s design and think that teenage boys are more likely to wear that.