Need some Insight……………


Need some Insight…………….

We just booked AKLV and are DVC members. We always go to the AKL for dinner and love, love it…… We had a choice between Kadani or the Jumbo house. We are taking our kids with there friends. My DW opted for the Kadani because of the extra bathroom. That said, after reading reviews some people don’t like Kadani. I need your help…… Please, let me know what you think, good or bad.



I feel a Wishy post reply comin’:whistling


WHAT?!?!?! Is this an April’s Fools thread? :tongue: Kidani is like TOTALLY AMAZING!! I haven’t heard one person say they were unhappy with it there. The pool area alone is worth the stay, not to mention the fun Community Hall, beautiful & relaxing library with the fireplace, all the fun & helpful CMs, it’s like the best DVC resort yet!!! I’d stay there on every other trip if I could (well until BLT becomes my fave :tongue:)


hahaha, I was typin’ as you wrote that!! :laugh: People talkin’ bad about Kidani??? Gotta be a joke!


Lay down the law Jess … :cool:


Actually, I have to tell you the family I work for just came back and they actually preferred Jambo over Kadani.


We’re going to leave it up to the kids. Thanks for your help…


To elaborate on my reply about Kadani, my boss and the family didn’t use the pool at all, and I would think that would be a BIG plus with the kids. They didn’t like the fact that it didn’t have a quick serve (like Mara), night vision (like a Jambo house) and the market/gift shop was small. They also ate at Boma for dinner so I guess they felt like everything they wanted to do was at Jambo so that is why they liked it more.

Honestly, I would just leave it as booked, it’s Disney so it can’t be bad!!! Everyone’s opionions can vary…I’d say, you’ve already got it booked, it’s something new for all of you and you’ll probably LOVE it!


DW informed me yesterday that she switched over to BWV. The kids talked about it and decided on BWV.


well that will be awesome, too! Walking to Epcot is a HUGE plus!


I think you will really like the Epcot area. We loved BCV so much that we bought into BCV so that we could always get a room there for our trips. It is so nice to be able to walk to Epcot and MGM from the hotel.


I love BW. It’s awesome, the kids always have fun. Plus there taking there friends. It will be there friend first time in WDW. I think the kids made a good choice. DW & I love AKV and the atmosphere. But its about the kids. Maybe when I retire (in about 20yrs) DW & I will spend some alone time in AKV… For now we’ll have to stay with date night on Fridays!!!