Need some more advice


We were going to go Epcot for early morning at 8:00 am. The only time we could get into Ohana’s was 8:50(was hoping for 7:00am). Now Im not sure what to do. We can go to Epcot and just get fastpasses for Soaring and catch the monorail over to the poly , or just go to the poly for breakfast and epcot after, or skip Ohanas and get something in The Land for breakfast. What would you do?


If it were me, I would go to Epcot, ride Soarin’, grab a fast pass and then head over to Ohana.


I would either just go to Ohana and then to Epcot after breakfast or just go to Epcot and eat something there. Mayve do a lunch TS in Epcot and just have a light breakfast. That way you can get most of the rides done before lunch-especially if it will be busy.


I would go to Epcot, ride Soarin’, get a fast pass for Soarin’, eat breakfast at the Sunshine Seasons, then ride Soarin’ again!!!


I would know that my family would not be able to make rope drop at Epcot, even when we try hard, so I would go to Ohana’s, then Epcot. Or, if you have to go to Epcot to get to the monorail to get to Ohana’s, then I would pop in and grab a fastpass, then on to Ohana’s for breakfast. Rushing around is no fun, so whatever you do, take it easy!


Same here. That would be too much rushing for us too. I’d be stressed out and my family would be annoyed. I prefer easy.


No way you can do both without really rushing…no very vacationlike to me. I’d pick one.


One or the other. I’d would explain the pros and cons of each and then make it a family vote. But my gang are between 18 and 23 - so it is a (dare I say) intelligent conversation.


I wouldn’t try to do both, that’s just too much running around. Are you interesting in a character meal that morning? If you are, you could book the very latest seating at Cape May and walk over to the Beach Club from Epcot. If you don’t want to do that I would spend the morning at Epcot and just grab something quick for breakfast.


Thanks for the input everyone. Its just me and my 17yr old daughter so the character part is not a big deal, just wanted to check out Ohanas. I think we will keep the adr and see how it goes. We probably would get more out of Soaring. If we get fastpasses and try to make breakfast it would be the best way, however I dont want to start the day in a mad rush. This only works if everything meshes together right. If we are say 15 minutes late to adr what happens? Also what happens if we just cant make it to the adr, do they still charge you the credits if you dont cancel in time?


You won’t be charged the credits if you don’t show up. You can stop by any restaurant and ask them to cancel the ADR for you if you decide you don’t want to go. If you are late they may still seat you, it depends on how busy they are that morning. If you are close (15 minutes or under) you should be fine but beyond that it’s really up to the CMs. They are usually very nice and will try to seat you if possible.


Can you call and make the ADR any later? Even closer to 10-11? We love to do late breakfast ADR’s because they really fill you up and are more like lunch. Ohana’s is a great place for breakfast and dinner so I would recommend switching your ADR time if you can. I’d hate for you to miss it.


OK new twist everybody. I went online to look for a later time. No go, but did get a earlier time 7:40am. Now what is the best way to get there? We can be there at 7:30 without a problem(we are both early risers). Just dont know the ligistics. Im not sure if the bus to epcot will be running early enough. Its extra magic morning at Epcot so think the buses start at 7:00 maybe , but we would still have to make it to poly from there. Maybe we would be able to catch the end of extra magic hour. Time wise it works better for us, just dont know if I would do a cab ride for it.


It works great that early. I just did it two weeks ago. 7:40 am time. The restaurant opens at 7:30- I know because I wanted to get there early too. There were a ton of people with my same idea, but we were all seated within about 5 minutes. We were one of the first people that saw characters and ate breakfast. It was delicious! We were done by 8:30 (there were 6 of us eating), and we hopped monorail 1 to monorail 2 (Epcot loop) and were at the opening of Epcot by 9:00 (dragging 2 slow people though).

Keep in mind you can hop the monorail and switch at the station, or just hang a left outside the lobby of the POLY and walk to the monorail station, and hop the EPCOT monorail-which is what we did.

The restaurant is across the lobby from the monorail station in the hotel… FYI.


I’d also suggest the later breakfast route. See what the latest available seating time is, the closer to 11, the better. This way, you’ll get in 2 solid hours in Epcot if you get there at 8, and should be able to do all of Future World in that time. Be at the monorail by 10:15 in order to make it in time. If you aren’t in Epcot first thing on an EMH morning, you might as well not even touch that park until late afternoon.