Need some tips for planning a surprise trip?


Ive been back from disney now for about 3 weeks… I want to go back… I was thinking about surprising my DH with a quick trip to DW… Maybe like 4 days late in the summer. We have always stayed at Poly or AKL and DH fell in love with both of them and said that he would only stay at a Deluxe Resort. Seeing as how this would be a quick trip and trying not to spend alot of money I was thinking more along the lines of maybe CS or PO… And flying down instead of driving…

Im looking for any ideas/suggestions? Where to stay, when to go etc… Thanks.


Ok so no one has any ideas for me? Thats ok I understand… :crying: :crying: :crying: And to think I was going to bring all of you on this trip with me… LOL :smile: :whistling Im just teasing Sorry Im a little punchie these days…
Anyway I finally deceided on what I’m going to do… I booked POR for the 3rd week in Aug for 5 days. I havent booked the airfare yet cause I wanted to use Spirit Airlines and when I called the woman that I spoke with told me hold off cause they are going to be having really cheap rates to Orlando soon…She wasnt able to tell me when just that I should keep on checking their web-site. Yahoo Im going back to Disney…

The hardest part now is not telling my DH about the trip… I thought about it and Im going to give him the trip for his birthday on May 5th…


OMG, we must have all missed this thread!! :crying: Sorry, I totally would have responded if I had seen it, I swear…

Your trip sounds FANTASTIC! It will be such a wonderful surprise for your DH! :wub: And honestly, I think POR is the perfect choice. (It’s the resort I was going to suggest–you read my mind! :biggrin:) I bet your DH will love it, despite his sworn loyalty to Deluxes.

I’m soooooo excited for you…and jealous!


I too must have missed this thread Amy or I would have responded and I would have to say I would have either gone with POR OR FQ those are my favorite moderates


Sounds great!! :mickey: - I LOVE surprise trips, and I think you will really like POR, it has a very nice atmosphere.


We love the POR, even though we are currently hooked on the Poly. How much of a surprise are you going to make it? Will you let him know that you have something planned in advance but keep the location secret or completely keep it quiet?

I would book the entire trip, pack up the suitcases without his knowledge, and tell him we have to go to such and such a place but meanwhile head to the airport, then see what happens next. If you rent a limo you could just make sure the bags are ready and you are on your way out already.

There was a post I read a while ago where wdwjeff pulled off the ultimate surprise to his kids. It may give you some idead for a really big surprise. If you do, be sure to post!!



I’m sorry - I missed this thread too - sometimes I never seem to make it past Chitchat. So many people here seem to be surprising their kids or husbands/wives with trips to WDW! That is so great - it’s my fantasy - but I don’t see it happening. POR is such a beautiful resort! Have a really great time! Keep us posted on your plans - yell loud.


Por is soo awesome! We love that resort!! We too are planning a surprise trip and it is soo hard. How far in advance are you going to tell him??


Good luyck with that whole “suprise” thing…
I tried it…and i lasted…MONTHS…(okay two) and then two weeks before our trip DBF got a concussion and I blurted out everything to make him feel better…it did…but i sure wish I would have suprised him!


What a wonderful birthday present! I have tried the POFQ, but not the POR. I want to stay there someday. I have heard a lot of great things about it. I would love to get a surprise like that!!


I had org booked POR riverside, but last night I changed my mind and went with POFQ… After spending time on the DC getting info and the disney site… so I called Disney this am and changed it…

I think that what Im going to do cause I know that I wont be able to keep this up until Aug is his b-day is May 5th so I think Im going to get him or try and make him a Disney B-day card and let the surprise out and tell him that the trip is for both of our b-days…