Need Suggestions!


Last trip we rented a wheelchair for my mom from a company in Orlando. We rented a “wide” wheelchair as my mom thought it would be more comfortable. The only issue we had was it was very heavy to lift on to the buses. We need something we can have all the time and she is not comfortable with the idea of an electric scooter. Any suggestions?


I can relate. My daughter was in a wheelchair on our recent trip.

If she doesn’t want to do a scooter (which actually sounds like the best idea IMO), then tell the bus drivers that she can only transfer once she’s on the bus. If my daughter was in the wheelchair when they arrived, they always offerred assistance; the busses have some way of getting the wheelchair on the bus without lifting/carrying. If we were ready for them (she was already standing and the chair was folded), they never offerred.

Good luck!



I have to say when we used the scooter for my dad it worked out really great. The freedom of not having to push a wheelchair up and down hills especially at AK was really great and the CMs on all the different transportations were really great and helpful. IMO I think you should revisit the idea of a scooter.