Need the 411 on Shades of Green please!


Last time I stayed at SoG, it was called the Disney Inn and I think it was 1988? Anyway . . . my Dad is retired military so we were thinking of giving this a try in Feb '08! So . . . if you recently been, I’d love to know all the details! Thanks in advance! :happy:


I looked into a bit (many retired members in my family; former military myself) and found that they have their own transportation that is not tied in with the rest of WDW transportation. Pool, nothing special. Price, would’ve been about $200 less than a moderate for my upcoming trip.

I’m sure someone who’s actually stayed there will be along shortly.

Shades of Green® Resort on WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort offical website is the only Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) located in the continental U.S. Shades of Green® on WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort is a military resort serving the U.S. Army, Navy, Air


Thanks so much for the link!

I’ve stayed here before when it was Disney Inn . . . I remember the rooms being a nice size . . . and a $200 savings is FANTASTIC! We go often enough, and mostly just weekends (FL residents) that we only use the pool at night for a quick dip . . . so as long as it’s wet, my DDs are HAPPY!! Forwarded the link to my Dad . . . I’ll have him call and find out the rates, cuz BC $335/night and AKL $215/night for the weekend we want to go in Feb '08! So, I can’t wait to see the price dif. Thanks again! :happy:


A military person has to be in the group. If your Dad doesn’t go with you then you cannot stay there. He can reserve up to 3 room as long as he is in one of the rooms.


Thanks for the tip! Yes, he’ll be with us . . . he never passes up a chance to hang at the World with the Grandkids!! :laugh:


We stayed at SoG in 2004 and it was very nice. It didn’t have that Disney feeling but the resort was beautiful and the rooms are huge. We were in the newer part and loved our room. We used the SoG transportation most of the time and it ran very well, I liked knowing the exact time a bus would come. We also walked from the Poly after using the monorail. It was a 5-10 minute walk with a stroller so it wasn’t bad at all.

We are at the sports bar and the buffet and both were fine, nothing great but no waits and the good was fine of not good.


Don’t feed the alligators.

Oh, and you can walk to the Poly for food and transportation much easier than waiting for a bus.


This would be for a birthday weekend trip, so it’s more for saving $$ (so we have more to spend on the celebration), and being closer in . . . we won’t spend much time at the room!! Thanks for the info!


My parents stay at SOG everytime they go to Disney and really like it. I don’t think you can beat it with the money that you save.


We stayed at SOG in May 06. The only real “problem” we found were the busses, they were pretty run down. (I’d been used to the Disney busses so I didn’t expect it!)They run OK but make sure you know the schedule. We walked over to the poly and used the monorail a lot. Manginos looked like a very nice restaurant but we didn’t get a chance to dine there. I’m dying to try it though…maybe on our next trip! It has an interesting menu at reasonable prices and the manager at the time was extremely nice. She took us on a tour of the restaurant when we were checking it out. We watched Wishes from the hot tub one night! Is there anything in particular you would like to know about? Maybe I could help.


That sounds really great!! Appreciate the info. I’m going to have my Dad call and see what the rates are for Feb '08.