Need thoughts, opinions and inspiration


I booked our photopass resort session for 6 pm at the poly where we are staying. Here is where I need the help … what to wear?! It will be me, DH, DS7 and DS6 in the pictures.

I need some help to think of something cute and different. We are going to be using these as this year’s family portraits. We have done the white shirts and khaki pants at the beach. Done the spring/summer coordinating color thing for the last portraits. It would be really cute to keep it kinda disney … thought about Hawaiian shirts (good luck getting my hubby to agree to that … he had to wear one to a Jimmy Buffett party a few years ago, and he never wore it again after that) … so any ideas, help?


I don’t have anything terribly creative to offer, but my favorite family photo (the one on my desk) is of us wearing jeans and black or white tops. There was no assigment, everyone just chose something black, white or both. Easy to do with jeans.


Oh goodness, I have no good ideas, I can never come up with them for our guys. I guess the best thing is to make sure everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing, it will show through in the photo then. :slight_smile:


I’d just go with a color theme and let everyone choose within that group - maybe black, white and red? have fun!!


I like the hwaiian theme too, it fits the resort.

You can do an american theme and one can wear red, one white and one blue.

You can each wear your fav mickey shirt in a different color

Ohh, and if you want to use them for christmas cards you can make a sign and hold it up that says merry christmas. Many couples do this on their wedding day in their gown and tux, holding a sign that says “thank you” and use them for photo thank you cards. Yours will just say Merry Christmas.

Also, ask the photographer if you can pose very different, i.e. Laying in the sand in a circle and the photographer standing above you. Or all of you holding hands and walk very slow toward the photographer.
These are not the most formal pics but they are fun.
I hope this helps


I love the idea of tropical colors. Maybe not Hawaiian shirts but colors like mango, green, magenta, etc. Take your inspiration from colors at the Poly. Think tropical flowers! But, I’m not into matchy-matchy family portraits so this is JMO.

Question. What is this session you’re doing?! I’ve never heard of this! It would be a blast to do for our next trip since it’ll be DD’s first time and she’ll be almost a year old. I need info!


Thank you for all the suggestions!

It is the photopass resort photo sessions. I believe if you preorder the photopass cd, it’s $75 and you can choose to have it done at the grand floridian, poly, wilderness lodge and beach club maybe? Basically, a photographer goes around the grounds of your selected resort (you don’t have to be staying at that resort) and photographs your family for a private session. Each session runs about 30 minutes.

someone probably has a link to it … I’ll see if I can find a good link and come back and post it. :slight_smile:

eta copy and paste from stitch kingdom about the sessions:

Disney Resorts Private Photo Shoot - You can arrange for private 30 minute photo sessions with a Disney’s PhotoPass photographer at the Grand Floridian, Beach Club, Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge or Animal Kingdom Lodge (Please note that Saratoga Springs is no longer offered. It’s expected to be moved to the Contemporary Resort but no time line has been offered at this time). The sessions includes around 40 photos (limited only by time) taken around the picturesque resorts and their beaches. Please note that as of September 1, 2008, Portrait sessions at the resorts are a separate entity from the Disney’s PhotoPass system in the theme parks. While both Parks and Portraits use the same system for their photos, they are separate products. As such, the pricing structure has changed dramatically. There is no longer a discount specifically for guests who pre-order Disney’s PhotoPass. Guests who pre-order the PhotoCD or purchase it within the theme parks can reserve a Portraits session for $74.95 with proof of purchase (either email or receipt). Guests wishing to purchase only the Portraits session on CD can do so for $149.95. Alternatively guests who purchase the Portraits session but then wish to combine photos from the Parks may do so by bringing their CD and PhotoPass cards to any resort location for a fee of $49.95 (bringing the total to roughly $200). Note that Disney’s PhotoPass enhancements will not be available for Portrait session photos or any photos from the theme parks combined with it. Additionally, guests will no longer have the option of receiving their Portrait session photos on a Disney’s PhotoPass card. Reports from guests who have participated in the photo sessions are overwhelmingly positive. Available times are seasonal, starting daily at 8 am until 7 pm or sunset, whichever comes first. Call 407-824-1700 to make reservations up to 30 days in advance or for additional information.


We did this last month at the Beach Club and DSis and family did it at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It’s a great bargain. We had over 100 pictures and a few actually turned out pretty decent wink. Our photographer basically asked up what we wanted out of the sitting and guided us to different parts of the resort to take picture. He was open to our suggestions of how we wanted to be photographed too. If you’re a DVC member, make sure to tell them because you’ll get a discount! Didn’t know that until we brought it up in conversation on the phone when we booked. We’ll definitely do it again during our next visit!


We did it for Christmas and everyone had some sort of a Mickey-ears hat. We have pics with them on and off. We did the white shirt, blue bottom coordination.


We just did this at the Poly last week and it was awesome. They have a number of deals you can choose from, ours was $200 and that gave us the CD with all the pictures from the photoshoot (113 pics), it also included 2-8x10, and 6-5x7 sheets and included a Disney Photopass CD of all our ThemePark pictures done by Disney photopass people. If you plan on buying the Theme Park CD, it is best to book the photo session for the end of your trip, because if you want to add more pics later, you have to get it re-burned, luckily we had all our park pics already done.

As for wardrobe, I started with DD4 and DD2’s dresses, then picked my colour from them and then had my DH and DS in white shirts. I’ll try to include some pics in my Pirate TR this week-end.