Need to ask a few questions before I get our AP's



Well we got our refund back today and part of it is paying for our DVC AP’s. I figured I’d get them now and get the money out of our account so there is one less thing we need for our trip (and I won’t spend it on something else :blush: ).

If I order them online and select “Will Call” will I get a voucher to print and bring? If I pay the $4 shipping I will only get vouchers, right? Or will I get the actual tickets? (Just because I don’t want them to be “active” until May so they won’t expire until next May)

Also with the “will call” if I get a voucher can this be used to get into the AP holder website?

Thanks!! :heart:


I think you will only get vouchers, but I would call and ask. If I remember correctly someone else on here ordered passes over the phone and they were activated when he ordered them.


ohhh… yeah that would NOT be good!!


Yes, I’ve heard of that happening too. Personally, I would just wait until I get to the resort to purchase them. I bought a new one at SSR when I checked in a couple of weeks ago. Very simple process at the concierge desk. That way you know there’ll be no slip-ups.


I would just wait and get them there so there’s no chance of something getting messed up.

I’ve ordered APs (not DVC) a couple of times and got vouchers not an activated passes. However, it’s just as easy to wait until you get there.


I ordered our DVC APs online and did “will call”-all I did was print out the confirmation page (I think there was a bar code or something), and brought that to guest relations when we arrived and got our activated passes. In the past, when I’ve had them shipped, we just arrived vouchers. I think it’s just as easy to order and do will call-that way you can get the DVC discount by ordering online.


When you did the “will call” your AP’s weren’t activated until you picked them up right?


right-I only had the email confirmation page, which was I then turned in at Guest relations and they gave me activated passes


Great!! Thanks!!


We ordered ours from DVC and got the vouchers that we activated when we got to the park…