Need to find a room for two nights


We are already going in Oct we traveling by train and going to arrive on the 23 and leave on the 28, but my wife got a real good deal on airfare today so now we are arriving on the 22 and leaving on the 29. We are already book at POFQ but need a room for the first and last night of the trip.


There are no rooms available at POFQ? What about standby?


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I just added on an extra day to my September trip with no problems getting it at the resort. Is there no availability at POFQ that you can just add on the two days?


If there are no rooms available for your resort. You can try Downtown Disney. That’s what my family does when we arrive early. There are many hotels to choose from. Almost always available rooms. Still on Disney property.


If you are looking for a good resort outside of Disney, try The Orlando Vista Hotel. It’s within walking distance of DTD, is clean, beautifully themed and very reasonably priced.


There are many less expensive hotels in the area…are you renting a car?


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Besides, they can hang out in the lobbies of WL or AKL all night like those people whose planes don’t leave until 3 AM.


If we come in late at night (often our flights get in after 8 p.m., we usually just take a night at an AllStars. DTD hotels also offer good deals. Check out


Try the hotels at DTD or one of the Value Resorts. Often there are pretty decent prices at the DTD hotels.


We stayed at Buena Vista Suites the 1st night of our Spring Break Trip this year. VERY NICE…FULL Breakfast. Mousesavers offers great discounts if the timing is right. I think they have a shuttle to WDW too.


Try calling back multiple times to change your reservations. Sometimes the system is not correct, the person taking care of you makes a mistakes and sometimes rooms just open up. When making my most recent reservations I was told they were completly booked for my trip in January (one of the slowest times of year and from experience there is nobody there). I said thanks and called back a few hours later and there were rooms. No idea why the fisrt person did not see them but things happen. Keep trying and you never know.


Very true…and if not I’d go for a value resort (or any other if your budget permits) simply to still take advantage of the Magical Express…the resorts will then move your bags for you for the most part…just a thought.


Thank you for all the suggestions.


Part of the thing is that when you are on the phone, so are plently of other people so the inventory is in a constant state of change. A CM talking to someone may have a reservation pending but if they don’t book then, the room and dates open back up.

People ask me to check availability at DVC all of the time. But it’s a waste of time because, once I hang up the rooms are open again and even if I call righ back they the next person may be booking around the same time frame then the reservation that was good a minute ago is no longer available.


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