Need to find Donald & Pluto - Paging RowdyRAider


We are going in September and we have tickets for MNSSHP. The girls are going as Pluto and Donald Duck. I want to get their pictures with each character. For this picture, I do not want the characters in costumes. I want Pluto naked:eek: and Donald in his sailor shirt.

I know Pluto greets in the MK at the flagpole, but where can I find Donald in his original sailor shirt?


I was going to suggest Tusker house, but just remembered he’s in “safari” attire.


try the circus tent


The Character Spot in Epcot has Donald in his sailor costume and Pluto “naked.”

I’m pretty sure the kiddos can go to Epcot in costume - you just wouldn’t be allowed in a costume.


hahaha naked pluto…
epcot is the only place i’ve seen sailor donald.


Thanks, I have never seen Donald in his sailor suit in Epcot. I have always caught him in Mexico in his Three Caballeros sarape.