Need your help!


I need your help. I have been looking all over the place for QUALITY Disney ties that I can wear to work (I am an elementary principal). If you have a specific place or site please let me know. Thanks!!!


My suggestion would be a Disney Store or Disney Shopping | Disney Store Online Shopping | Home

Your best bet, in my opinion, will be a store IN the parks.


I agree with Erin about online and in the Disney Store. Also check out Ebay.

If you would like to get one while in the parks they have some nice ties at the World of Disney Store in DTD and at Disney Hollywood Studios at the Sunset Blvd Shops like Keystone Clothiers.:happy:


I just moved this to the “Mousetrap” instead of in the Disneyland forum. :smile: I think more people will be able to help you here.


This site has a couple Disney ties, but kind of Christmasy: Disney Naughty or Nice tie at

This site has four and they aren’t Christmasy:
Clearance - Disney Neckties by Barco

I really like this one:
Disney Winnie the Pooh Necktie (Collectilbes) at Cottageant

And these look like theme park merchandise:
Disney Shopping: Neck Ties - The LaughingPlace Store


There is a shop in MGM on the corner on the left side if you are entering the park…right before you turn to head to echo lake. It has REALLY nice ties in there.


I work in a fine dining restaurant and I have to wear a tie whenever I work on the floor or bartending. I picked up 2 really great quality, beautiful and very classy ties in a store in EPCOT last year. I’m sure they would carry it at the WOD store too. Maybe you could mail order them.