Need your opinions on a few restaurants in Nov


After reviewing our ADR list for November I realized something… we aren’t doing all of our standbys!! Even a couple WE’VE NEVER eaten at, which I didn’t think was even possible :laugh:. Alas, I’d love to hear what you think of the following (these are ALL dinner ADRs)…

  1. Concourse Steakhouse in the Contemporary (never been)

  2. Garden Grove, formally Guliver’s, in the Swan which is a weekend character buffet meal (They said Lion King characters and that night it’s a seafood buffet).

  3. Cinderella’s Royal Table. We HAVE been to Cindy’s of course but not since 2003, I had been reluctant since the big change. How is it since?

  4. Kona Cafe (dinner, never been before, we usually opt for Ohana)

The rest of our ADRs are standbys that we are definately familiar with. I am actually really excited to try DIFFERENT restuarants that we don’t do all the time. The rest of our “familiar” ADRs are…

  • Boma
  • Coral Reef
  • 1900 Park Faire
  • Liberty Tree


Here are my 2 cents:

  1. Concourse Steakhouse. First, is it still open? I thought they were closing it as part as part of the refurbishment. We ate there many years ago and the food was very good. From what I read on MB, it still gets very good reviews.
  2. Garden Grove. Never ate there.
  3. Cinderella’s Royal Table. Food was good, limited menu, not worth the cost in my opinion. However, the atmosphere is very nice, and if you get a table by the windows it has a great view. We celebrated our anniversary there and they gave us a gift bag that had two champagne glasses etched with “Cinderella’s Round Table” on it, which was unexpected and very nice. Overall, there are better restaurants for the money out there.
  4. Kona Cafe. Excellent restaurant for dinner (and lunch and breakfast too). You can usually get an ADR without a problem, and we also have just walked up without an ADR with only a minimal wait. Food is terrific with an Asian influence. Its a good choice when you want to escape the parks. One of my favorites.


Kona Cafe and Concourse Steakhouse are both good dinner choices. I’ve got no experience with Garden Grove, but I’ve generally had good meals at all Swolphin restaurants that I’ve tried. CRT, my last visit was dinner in 2004, before they started the enhanced meal and photo package. At that time, it was worth it, now, I’d say your milage will vary.
Double check that 1900 Park Fare is back in their own space by your visit. They’re currently operating out of the Grand Floridian Cafe and are serving pre-plated meals, not the full buffet.


You are right about the menu, I just looked it up on Allears and it does seem VERY limited and speaking of prices, did you see this… :blink:


Dinner $40.99 Adult /$25.99 Child

Holiday pricing in effect
November 18-24 and December 16 - January 5:

Dinner $44.99 Adult /$27.99 Child

We’ll be there November 18th, how about that timing? :glare: :laugh: Good thing we’ll be using the DDP 'cause I am NOT sure I would shell out $90, without tip, for just Daniel and I. :blink: No way!


We’ve been to Concourse Steakhouse once and it was ok, good service and good food but nothing great. Been there done that.

I can’t help you with Garden Grove, I’ve heard of it but have never read a review.

I love the atmosphere at CRT but I wouldn’t pay the higher price now. I’m glad we’ve done it a few times because it is magical, just too expensive now.

We loved Kona, we had an excellent meal–can’t wait to go back.


Thank you Soundgod, I am going to call b/c I was told that 1900 Park Faire was going to have a “special” Thanksgiving buffet, that’s our Thanksgiving night ADR. I REALLY hope that is true. I will be sure to ask.

I am in the same boat as you with Cinderella’s, haven’t been since '03… a littler hesitant with all these changes.


Do you think it’s worth 2 Table Service credits? Or should we just junk it and go to Cali Grill or perhaps Artist Point?


Concourse Steakhouse will remain open until sometime next spring when the new restaurant on the ground floor will be ready to open. Once that happens, Contemporary Steakhouse will be gone and the Food and Fun Center permanently relocated next to Chef Mickey’s. What is happening is Food and Fun Center is closing now or soon and a temporary quick serve location will be set up where the Outer Rim bar is now.


If I could post two character responses, this is what it would be.


CRT is not worth two credits for anyone other than first timers who have girls that must have princesses. The biggest reason for the extra cost is the stupid photo package that’s included with your meal.
And the menu is only getting lamer.


I think that’s a good move. We avoided the arcade at CR, it was not in the same area as Chef Mickey’s so it was easy to avoid it, my son didn’t know it was there. This trip was different, it was right there so we dropped $10 on games one afternoon as we passed through. The Food and Fun Center will be the same way, people are going to drop in because it’s right there. If people are going to book an ADR at a restaurant it doesn’t matter where it is in the resort, they’ll find it.


So wait, a photo package is included ‘for FREE’ if you use the 2 dining credits?


Haven’t done any besides CRT breakfast before the change, but I’d choose either Concourse or Kona.


Out of the 4 you have listed I have only been to Kona and CRT.

IMHO, I don’t think CRT is really worth the 2TS credits. I would much rather go to California Grill and enjoy a great meal with fireworks. I agree with SG about the only exception being the first timers w/ little girls.

We absolutely loved Kona and enjoyed our meals on both nights from begining to end. The service was execellent and I believe its a great choice for a 1TS credit on the DDP. I don’t think you will be disappointed. There are so many really good selections on the menu, its hard to recommend just one. The Teriyaki Steak was a big hit with my guys for both nights and the personal favorite of mine was the Creamy Kona Seafood Chowder.:wub: As far as desserts, the award winners for us were the Chocolate Macadamia Nut Tart & Kona Kone.

We love all of your standbys too, with the exception of CR…well you know how I feel about THAT place.:glare:

Anyway, sounds like you’ve got some real winners on your list and I can’t wait for you reviews when you get back.:happy:


And there’s no way that you can use only one TS credit. Look at the cost of the meal compared to any character buffet. There’s a $10-15 premium for meals at CRT. The only real excuse is the photo package. at least photos are optional at Chef Mickey’s.


So wait… let me get this right…

We walk into CRT ready to use 2TS credits. They take our photo with Cinderella before we enter, then we pick one of each course on the fixed menu, they give us a FREE photo package, and that’s it. right?

The only characters that appear in the dining room are the Fairy Godmother & some mice, right?


2TS credits and you only get one photo package but it costs you 2TS each. IF we ever do this I will be sure to book single tables. I wonder if I can book a table for just a 4yr old? :laugh: :laugh:


I HOPE NOT . . . I booked for my DD3s fourth birthday, and I was told Cinderella is in the lobby for the photo opt . . . and they’ve now moved the Fairy Godmother up to the top floor with 4 OTHER Princesses . . . no way would I pay that price for a FG and MICE!! I better call and double check!

PS. We are doing breakfast . . . maybe it’s different then?

PPS. We are doing Park Fare (I believe it reopens on 9/15) and I was told there it’s Cinderella, Prince Charming, the mice and the FG!


OK, so I just cancelled “Cinderella’s Royal Table” and booked Hoop Dee Doo instead. :laugh: I think Daniel and I will be happier seeing a 2 hour show with family style meal & Daniel has never been to HDD. I haven’t been to HoopDeeDoo since I was about 10 years old, so I think it will be a treat for both of us!

I hope I don’t regret cancelling CRT. :sad:


I’ll be sad if you regret the change. We love Hoop Dee Doo, it quickly became a must do for us. We’ve been 4 times and love it more each time we go. The food is good (not great) and the show is corny but so funny.


Got’cha! I haven’t been in 19 years! :ohmy: Woah, I can’t believe I am 29, that was just frightening to say. :laugh: So I think this will be great! I’d rather enjoy a 2 hour show than CRT with the limited menu & no characters upstairs. It makes me feel a LITTLE bit better about spending the 2TS credits per person.